Materials Science

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Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1991, Proceedings of the Eighteenth INT Symposium, 9-12 September 1991, Seattle, USA

1st Edition

January 01, 1992

Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1991emphasizes current results on the materials, characterization, and device aspects of a broad range of semiconductor materials, particularly the III-V compounds and alloys. The book is a valuable reference for researchers in physics, materials science, and...

Nonlinear Optical Materials

1st Edition

Hans Jochen Kuhn, Jean Robillard
December 19, 1991


Physics of Liquid Crystalline Materials

1st Edition

Chor-San Heng Khoo
December 16, 1991


Acid-Base Interactions: Relevance to Adhesion Science and Technology: In Honor of Professor Frederick M. Fowkes

1st Edition

Kash L. Mittal
December 01, 1991

This book chronicles the proceedings of the Symposium on Acid-Base Interactions: Relevance to Adhesion Science and Technology held on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Professor Frederick M. Fowkes as a part of the 64th Colloid and Surface Science Symposium held at Lehigh University, June 18--20...

High Performance Biomaterials: A Complete Guide to Medical and Pharmceutical Applications

1st Edition

Michael Szycher
October 01, 1991

Encyclopedic presentation of the clinical applications of biomaterials from markets and advanced concepts to pharmaceutical applications and blood compatibility....

Analysis for Design of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Vessels

1st Edition

Suong V. Hoa
September 30, 1991


Thermocouples: Theory and Properties

1st Edition

Daniel D. Pollock
September 17, 1991

Thermocouples: Theory and Properties provides the basis for the examination and explanation of thermoelectric phenomena and their correlations with other physical properties. These results are applied and account for the properties and deviations of commercial materials in the temperature ranges of...

Biosensor Principles and Applications

1st Edition

August 30, 1991

Considers a new generation of sensors for use in industrial processes, which measure the chemical environment directly by means of a biological agent mainly enzymes so far. Various specialists from Europe, the US, and Japan identify the device's place in their disciplines; review the principles of m...

Thermo-Mechanical Aspects Of Manufacturing And Materials Processing

1st Edition

Ramesh K. Shah
August 01, 1991

Covering thermomechanical aspects of manufacturing and materials processing, this volume provides basic fundamentals for understanding and analyzing various manufacturing processes and materials processing. It covers metal casting, metal forming, metal cutting, and the experimental tools available...

Thermal Fatigue of Metals

1st Edition

Andrzej Weronski
July 25, 1991

Using a mold for centrifugal casting as an example, discusses the types of apparatus and tools that are commonly affected by thermal fatigue during industrial processes, and examines the various factors that lead to such failure. Focuses on the performance of particular industrial components under d...

Composite Plates Impact Damage: An Atlas

1st Edition

Scott R. Finn
July 18, 1991

This is a unique X-ray atlas illustrating damage in composite plates caused by non-penetrating impacts. A valuable aid in designing composites for different types of impact resistance. Damage to composite materials caused by non-penetrating impact is often internal, invisible and difficult to...