Materials Science

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Composite Superconductors

1st Edition

K. Osamura
November 16, 1993

This reference examines the tremendous benefits produced by the use of superconductivity, including the realization of a commercial fusion reactor for the generation of electricity. Providing a comprehensive coverage of superconductivity and magnet design - incorporating background information for...

Extractive Metallurgy of Niobium

1st Edition

C. K. Gupta, A. K. Suri
November 03, 1993

The growth and development witnessed today in modern science, engineering, and technology owes a heavy debt to the rare, refractory, and reactive metals group, of which niobium is a member. Extractive Metallurgy of Niobium presents a vivid account of the metal through its comprehensive discussions...

Thallium-Based High-Tempature Superconductors

1st Edition

Allen Hermann
September 28, 1993

Provides information on all chemical, physical and material aspects of this class of cuprates, and covers their applications. This work provides data on the chemistry, solid-state chemistry, handling and safety requirements of thallium....

Science and Technology of Zirconia V

1st Edition

M., Bannister
September 27, 1993


Friction and Wear of Ceramics

1st Edition

Said Jahanmir
September 23, 1993

Provides comprehensive information on the tribological aspects of advanced ceramic materials for all uses that require controlled friction and wear resistance. The text is a guide to altering the microstructure of ceramics to create optimum performance in sliding and rolling contact applications....

Thermal Analysis of Materials

1st Edition

Robert Speyer
September 16, 1993

Discussing the design and optimum use of thermal analysis instrumentation for materials' property measurement, this work details how the instruments work, what they measure, potential pitfalls and the fitting of experimental results to theoretical models. It presents a tutorial on writing computer...

The Physical Separation and Recovery of Metals from Waste, Volume One

1st Edition

Alan Veasey
September 10, 1993

This book deals with the physical processes used for the separation of secondary metals from waste sources. The introduction briefly considers the history of the secondary metals industries, defines the terms used in materials recycling and discusses the potential for resource recovery and improved...

Similarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics

10th Edition

L. I. Sedov
September 09, 1993

Similiarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics, 10th Edition is an English language translation of this classic volume examining the general theory of dimensions of physical quantities, the theory of mechanical and physical similarity, and the theory of modeling. Several examples illustrate the...

Fiber and Whisker Reinforced Ceramics for Structural Applications

1st Edition

David Belitskus
July 19, 1993

Examines all important aspects of whisker and fibre reinforced ceramic science and technology, offering a balanced account of developments in the field. The work shows how to improve the strength and stiffness of ceramic composites, at very high temperatures, without brittleness....

Fundamental Principles of Fiber Reinforced Composites, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Kenneth H.G. Ashbee
July 03, 1993

This is a leading basic text on advanced FR composite materials, including plastic, metal and ceramic matrix materials. An interdisciplinary approach is used with the emphasis on analytical methods for better understanding of key concepts. Many case histories, and fully worked examples illustrate...

Wave Propagation in Gas-Liquid Media

2nd Edition

V. E. Nakoryakov, B. G. Pokusaev, I. R. Shreiber
June 28, 1993

Wave Propagation in Gas-Liquid Media (translated from the Russian 2nd Edition, published in 1990) presents the fundamentals of wave dynamics of two-phase gas-liquid systems. The study of multiphase systems is of growing importance in mechanics and thermophysics, particularly for applications in...

Physical Properties of Materials for Engineers

2nd Edition

Daniel D. Pollock
June 24, 1993

Physical Properties of Materials for Engineers, Second Edition introduces and explains modern theories of the properties of materials and devices for practical use by engineers. Introductory chapters discuss both classical mechanics and quantum mechanics to demonstrate the need for the quantum...