Materials Science

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Mechanics Of Composite Structures

V.V. Vasiliev
March 01, 1993

This book compiles techniques used to analyze composite structural elements ranging from beams through plates to stiffened shells. The content is suitable for graduate-level students with a basic background in mechanics of composite materials. Moreover, this book will be placed in an active spot on...

High-Quality Steel Rolling: Theory and Practice

Vladimir B. Ginzburg
February 23, 1993

Emphasizing solutions to the problems of achieving tight tolerances of important geometrical parameters such as thickness, width, cross-sectional profile, and flatness, this reference focuses on the principles and applications of the latest technology for producing high-quality, flat-rolled steel...

Composite Materials, 6th Japan/US Conference

Kier M. Finlayson, Kenton R. Osborn, Waleed Shalaby
January 15, 1993


Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1992, Proceedings of the 19th INT Symposium, 28 September-2 October 1992, Karuizawa, Japan

January 01, 1993

Bringing together international experts from 16 countries, Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1992 focuses on device applications for Gallium Arsenide and related compounds. A topic of importance discussed is the first GaAs supercomputer from Fujitsu. The book also explores carbon doping and...

Powder & Grains 93

C. Thornton
January 01, 1993

The papers reflect the multidisciplinary activity in a research area which has grown significantly. The focus of the proceedings is the scientific understanding of the nature and description of particle interactions and assembly geometry. Topics covered include powder compacts and vibrating beds....

Unified Theory of Reinforced Concrete

Thomas T.C. Hsu
December 10, 1992

Reinforced concrete structures are subjected to a complex variety of stresses and strains. The four basic actions are bending, axial load, shear, and torsion. Presently, there is no single comprehensive theory for reinforced concrete structural behavior that addresses all of these basic actions and...

Nondestructive Characterization of Composite Media

Robert A. Kline
August 26, 1992

A guide to NDE of composite materials by acoustic wave propagation, including advanced ultrasound methods, for detailed identification and measurement of defects, and characterization of microstructure and properties. "The major objective is to present the basic concepts of wave propagation in...

Estimating and Costing for the Metal Manufacturing Industries

Robert Creese, M. Adithan
August 25, 1992

This practical reference/text provides a thorough overview of cost estimating as applied to various manufacturing industries, with special emphasis on metal manufacturing concerns. It presents examples and study problems illustrating potential applications and the techniques involved in estimating...

Materials Modelling: From Theory to Technology

July 01, 1992

In Materials Modelling: From Theory to Technology, a distinguished collection of authors has been assembled to celebrate the 60th birthday of Dr. R. Bullough, FRS and honor his contribution to the subject over the past 40 years.The volume explores subjects that have implications in a wide range of...

Shock Wave and High-Strain-Rate Phenomena in Materials

May 12, 1992

These proceedings of EXPLOMET 90, the International Conference on the Materials Effects of Shock-Wave and High-Strain-Rate Phenomena, held August 1990, in La Jolla, California, represent a global and up-to-date appraisal of this field. Contributions (more than 100) deal with high-strain-rate deforma...

Primer on Composite Materials Analysis (revised)

John C. Halpin
April 15, 1992

A widely used intermediate short text by a composite materials pioneer. Both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of analysis are explained. The presentation is concise and tightly organized....