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Environmental Effects on Engineered Materials

1st Edition

Russell H. Jones
March 29, 2001

This invaluable reference provides a comprehensive overview of corrosion and environmental effects on metals, intermetallics, glossy metals, ceramics and composites of metals, and ceramics and polymer materials. It surveys numerous options for various applications involving environments and...

Materials Selector on CD-ROM

1st Edition

May 20, 1999

Extensive, comprehensive, and fully searchable, this unique and invaluable reference provides a wealth of accurate, up-to-date information on engineering materials and related methods of component manufacture....

Mechanics Of Composite Materials

2nd Edition

Robert M. Jones
July 01, 1998

This book balances introduction to the basic concepts of the mechanical behavior of composite materials and laminated composite structures. It covers topics from micromechanics and macromechanics to lamination theory and plate bending, buckling, and vibration, clarifying the physical significance...

Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materials

1st Edition

Zdenek P. Bazant, Jaime Planas
December 29, 1997

Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materials is the first in-depth text on the application of fracture mechanics to the analysis of failure in concrete structures. The book synthesizes a vast number of recent research results in the literature to provide a comprehensive...

Materials Selection for Design and Manufacturing: Theory and Practice

2nd Edition

Joseph Datsko
March 13, 1997

Providing an analytical approach to selecting the best metal and obtaining optimal properties for and in a fabricated part, this text correlates weldability, formability and machinability with a metal's chemical composition through microstructures. It begins with a review of the principles of...

Materials Selection for Hydrocarbon and Chemical Plants

1st Edition

August 08, 1996

Describes the systematic procedure for using process and mechanical design information to select construction materials suitable for a range of chemical and hydrocarbon processing plants. The volume features tables for locating the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) product form...