Materials Science

Composite Materials

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Handbook of Ceramics and Composites: Synthesis and Properties

1st Edition

Walter Federer
April 09, 1990

This volume is concerned with the structural and physical properties of important classes of composite and ceramic materials of engineering importance, covering synthesis of the materials by casting and solidification routes....

Delaware Composites Design Encyc: Micromechanical Materials Model, Volume II

1st Edition

University of Delawa
March 28, 1990

Introduction to Anisotropic Elasticity - Special Applications: Mechanics of Anisotropic Materials - Micromodels for Continuous Fiber Composites - Micromodels for Particulate/Discontinuous Fiber Composites - Introduction to Viscoelasticity - Micromodels for Predicting Viscoelastic Behavior -...

Delaware Composites Design Encyclopedia: Processing and Fabriactaion Technology, Volume III

1st Edition

University of Delawa
March 28, 1990

This volume emphasizes the relationships among resin chemistry, rheology and properties for various composites manufacturing technologies. It helps engineers and scientists to select the best processing and fabrication technology that will fulfill the requirements of the composites application....

Adhesion and Bonding in Composites

1st Edition

October 27, 1989

This book deals with the roles played by the component material interface in composites, with special emphasis on methods used to improve the adhesion and bonding between them. It is helpful for scientists and engineers in the materials field and to engineers working with adhesives or composites....

Symposium on High Temperature Composites

1st Edition

Amer Society fo
June 12, 1989


High-Temperature Superconducting Materials: Preparations, Properties, and Processing

1st Edition

William E. Hatfield, John H. Miller
April 07, 1988

This book is a collection of proceedings of a symposium organized by the North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society on the preparations, properties, and processing of high-temperature superconducting materials. The proceedings include papers of new results presented at the symposium....

Structural Analysis of Laminated Anisotropic Plates

1st Edition

James M. Whitney
May 01, 1987

A major basic text on the theory and structural applications of laminated anisotropic plates. Detailed coverage of problems of bending under transverse load, stability, and free-vibrations, as well as laminated beams, expansional strain effects, curved plates, and free-edge effects....

Introduction to Composite Materials

1st Edition

Hong T. Hahn, Stephen W. Tsai
January 01, 1980

A widely used basic text by two recognized authorities. A unified and disciplined approach; advanced concepts reduced to easy-to-use charts, formulas and numerical examples....