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Handbook of Adhesive Technology

3rd Edition

Antonio Pizzi, Kashmiri L. Mittal
December 21, 2017

This classic reference examines the mechanisms driving adhesion, categories of adhesives, techniques for bond formation and evaluation, and major industrial applications. Integrating recent innovation and improved instrumentation, the work offers broad and comprehensive coverage. This edition...

Adhesion Aspects in Dentistry

1st Edition

Matinlinna, Kash L. Mittal
June 14, 2017

Modern adhesive dentistry has numerous applications in cariology, as well as in aesthetic and pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, implantology, and orthodontics—in essence, in comprehensive dental care. This unique book addresses various ramifications of adhesion and adhesives in the broad domain...

Surface and Interfacial Aspects of Cell Adhesion

1st Edition

Alain Carré, Kash L. Mittal
May 22, 2017

Cell adhesion comes into play in almost all domains of life. The range of situations in which it occurs, involving organisms, living tissues, microorganisms or single cells, is endless. Cell adhesion is involved in the binding of a cell to a surface, extracellular matrix, or another cell using cell...

Bio-based Wood Adhesives: Preparation, Characterization, and Testing

1st Edition

Zhongqi He
February 14, 2017

Adhesive bonding plays an increasing role in the forest product industry and is a key factor for efficiently utilizing timber and other lignocellulosic resources. As synthetic wood adhesives are mostly derived from depleting petrochemical resources and have caused increasing environmental concern,...

Strength Prediction of Adhesively-Bonded Joints

1st Edition

Raul D. S. G. Campilho
January 10, 2017

Adhesively-bonded joints provide many advantages over conventional mechanical fasteners and are increasingly receiving attention as an alternative to mechanical joints in engineering applications. The traditional fasteners usually result in the cutting of fibers and hence the introduction of stress...

Sealants in Construction

2nd Edition

Jerome Klosowski, Andreas T. Wolf
November 03, 2015

Revised Bestseller Offers Broad-Based Knowledge to a Wide Range of Technical Professionals The definitive guide to sealing operations in construction, this latest edition of Sealants in Construction focuses on the most current technology, methods, applications, and standards relevant to sealant...

Recent Advances in Adhesion Science and Technology in Honor of Dr. Kash Mittal

1st Edition

Wojciech (Voytek) Gutowski, Hanna Dodiuk
December 31, 2013

The surface of an object is the first thing we see or touch. Nearly every article or object we encounter at home, in industry, land transportation, aerospace, or the medical field in some way uses an adhesive, a sealant, or a decorative coating. Adhesion science provides the technology and the...

Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 6

1st Edition

Kash L. Mittal
September 30, 2009

The topic of wettability (measured in terms of contact angle) is of tremendous interest from both fundamental and applied points of view, Wettability plays an essential role in many industrial processes, so an understanding of factors dictating wettability and how to modulate it is of paramount...

Handbook of Sealant Technology

1st Edition

K.L. Mittal, A. Pizzi
August 26, 2009

Sealing is an age-old problem that dates back to our earliest attempts to create a more comfortable living environment. Prehistoric people used natural sealants such as earth, loam, grass, and reeds to protect the interior of their homes against the weather. Today’s applications extend to a myriad...

Superhydrophobic Surfaces

1st Edition

Alain Carré, Kash L. Mittal
April 24, 2009

Superhydrophobic surfaces (water contact angles higher than 150º) can only be achieved by a combination of hydrophobicity (low surface energy materials) with appropriate surface texture. In nature one can find an array of impressive and elegant examples of superhydrophobic surfaces. For example,...

Polymer Surface Modification: Relevance to Adhesion, Volume 5

1st Edition

Kash L. Mittal
March 16, 2009

The topic of polymer surface modification is of tremendous contemporary interest because of its critical importance in many and varied technological applications where polymers are used. Currently there is brisk research activity in unraveling the mechanisms of surface modification and finding ways...

Silanes and Other Coupling Agents, Volume 5

1st Edition

Kash L. Mittal
March 16, 2009

The topic of silanes and other coupling agents/adhesion promoters is of tremendous contemporary interest because of their application in many and varied technologically important areas ranging from coatings to reinforced composites to dentistry to biomedical (e.g., for bonding nucleotides to the...