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Na+H+ Exchange

S. Grinstein
December 13, 2017

Prepared by leading scientists in the field, these volumes compile for the first time, concise, up-to-date reviews of several aspects of the basic properties, distribution, function and regulation of the Na+/H+ antiport. In addition, current methods and the use of inhibitors and ligands for the...

Light And Electron Microscopic Neuropathology of Slow Virus Disorders

P. P. Liberski
December 13, 2017

Light and Electron Microscopic Neuropathology of Slow Virus Disorders provides extensive coverage of the neurobiology and neuropathology of slow, unconventional virus disorders also known as prion diseases. The book features an outstanding group of contributers, including Nobel Laureate Dr. D....

Waterborne Diseases in the US

Gunther F. Craun
December 13, 2017

This book examines, in both a current and historical context, water-related illness in the U.S. Emphasis is placed upon the transmission of infectious diseases through contaminated drinking water supplies and those deficiencies in water supply systems which allow waterborne outbreaks to occur....

Natural History of Varicella-Zoster Virus

R.W. Hyman
December 13, 2017

This book was first published in 1987. It comprises a natural history of the Varicella-Zoster virus, its clinical manifestations in humans, the molecular genetics, therapy and vaccinations....

Coralline Algae: A First Synthesis

H.W. Johansen
December 13, 2017

This book is the first step at pulling together the voluminous but scattered information on coralline algae. Much can be said about these omnipresent plants of the sea, and the purpose here is to provide a coherent frame work of data and discussion....

Handbook of Mediators in Septic Shock

Edmund A. Neugebauer
December 13, 2017

Handbook of Mediators in Septic Shock presents a comprehensive, systematic evaluation of the various putative mediators of septic shock through the use of meta-analysis. Experts of individual mediators have objectively evaluated the collective literature using classical Koch-Dale Criteria for...

Microbiology of the Terrestrial Deep Subsurface

Penny S. Amy
December 13, 2017

Obtaining and analyzing samples is challenging in subsurface science. This first-of-its-kind reference book addresses accomplishments in this field-from drilling to sample work-up. A collaborative approach is taken, involving the efforts of microbiologists, geochemists, hydrologists, and drilling...

Invertebrate Cell System Applications: Volume II

Jun Mitsuhashi
December 13, 2017

A useful reference for those using or interested in cultured invertebrate cells, this two-volume text provides information about techniques and advances in invertebrate tissue culture. Cell lines for Insecta, Crustacea, Mollusca, and Nematoda are introduces along with their characterizations....

Handbook of Animal Diversity

Richard E. Blackwelder
December 13, 2017

This book is a summary of the diversity between and within the classes of animals. It is intended for reference on all aspects of animals that can be studied comparatively, but such comparisons requires that the occurrence of the feature in question beknown for more than just one or two groups. It...

Microbial Metabolism In The Digestive Tract

M. J. Hill
December 13, 2017

In this book an attempt has been made to give an update on the flora of the human digestive tract and its role in disease. This is a subject that has implications in many disciplines and therefore is aimed at not only microbiologists, but also clinicians, dentists, medical researchers, biochemists,...

HLA and Disease: A Comprehensive Review

December 13, 2017

This book discusses the topic of the HLA antigen system. Chapters discuss topics such as; animal studies, the possible mechanisms of HLA and disease associations, statistical and genetic considerations, the clinical use of HLA typing, as well as the current status of HLA and disease associations....