Life Science

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An Atlas Of Functions

1st Edition

Jerome Spanier, Keith B. Oldham
January 01, 1987


Microbiological Decomposition of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds

1st Edition

October 22, 1986

This book is intended to be a general reference for environmental decision makers who are interested in the fate of chlorinated aromatic compounds with respect to microbial activity. It includes reviews of microbial physiology, genetics, and methods of biodegradation assessment....

Connective Tissue Disease: Molecular Pathology of the Extracellular Matrix

1st Edition

Jouni Uitto
October 15, 1986

This book is a collection of works that canvass many of the recent developments in various areas of connective tissue research. It focuses on the structure of the components, molecular organization and pathology of the extracellular matrix....

Hendrik Adriaan Van Reed Tot Drakestein 1636-1691 and Hortus, Malabaricus

1st Edition

J. Heniger
June 01, 1986

This text is a reference work for botanists studying the flora of South Asia. As commander of Malabar, van Reed was responsible for compiling the Hortus Malabaricus, a major publication of the flora and medical use of plants....

Integrated Pest Control in Citrus Groves

1st Edition

R. Cavalloro
June 01, 1986

This book is an outcome of the proceedings of the expert's meeting on the protection of citrus groves held in Acireale in 1985. It focuses on the methods and strategies of integrated control taking into account the influence of some phytochemicals on the physiology of the citrus crop....

Flora of Tropical East Africa - Violaceae (1986)

1st Edition

June 01, 1986

This volume focuses on the family Violaceae. They are annual or perennial herbs, shrubs or small trees and contains about 22 genera and some 900 species and confines mainly to the old New world tropics and sub tropics, however the genus Viola is predominantly temperate in distribution....