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Membrane Science and Technology

Yoshihito Osada, Tsutomu Nakagawa
June 11, 1992

This volume covers the theory and applications of transport phenomena in synthetic membranes - describing modern membrane preparation methods, structures, characteristics and properties.;Examining different types of membranes and how they are used, Membrane Science and Technology: presents the...

The Larvae of the Gall Miges

.M. Mamaev, N.P. Krivosheina
June 01, 1992

The characteristics of all main groups of soil-bound insects are given in this book....

Flora of Tropical East Africa - Verbenaceae (1992)

B Verdcourt, R.M. Polhill
June 01, 1992


Echinoderm Research 1991

L. Scalera-Liaci
June 01, 1992

A selection of papers, reports and posters presented at the third European conference on echinoderms - a thorny-skinned group of marine animals considered of great zoological interest. The contributions look at morphology, development biology, ecology and symbiosis....

Recombinant Poxviruses

Matthew M. Binns, Geoffrey L. Smith
May 27, 1992

Recombinant Poxviruses provides a comprehensive examination of poxviruses with an emphasis on the potential of these viruses as new vaccines. The book considers a wide range of issues involved in producing new genetically engineered live vaccines, such as efficacy, safety, stability, cost, host...

Calcification in Biological Systems

Ermanno Bonucci
May 26, 1992

Calcification in Biological Systems provides a collection of up-to-date papers regarding calcification in a variety of biological systems. The papers are not simple reviews of the literature. Each paper reflects the personal experience of the author(s) and is rich in constructive criticism and...

Safety Assessment of Genetically Engineered Fruits and Vegetables: A Case Study of the Flavr Savr Tomato

Keith Redenbaugh
May 22, 1992

Use of genetically engineered plants for food production has raised many questions about food safety. Scientists, environmentalists, and government regulators have debated safety issues since the advent of genetic engineering. Recently, Calgene, Inc. became the first company to go to the FDA to...

The Evolution of Metabolic Function

Robert P. Mortlock
May 20, 1992

The Evolution of Metabolic Function presents comprehensive discussions on a variety of topics that will interest scientists and students studying the evolution of enzyme activities, the evolution of enzymatic pathways, and the evolution and development of metabolic functions. Laboratory experiments...

Structuring Biological Systems: A Computer Modeling Approach

S. Sitharama Iyengar
April 30, 1992

Structuring Biological Systems focuses on the important components of biological systems in order to develop genetic algorithms for modeling purposes. The book considers the characteristics of biological systems from the artificial intelligence point of view, examines modeling examples of complex...

Morphogenesis: An Analysis of the Development of Biological Form: An Analysis of the Development of Biological Form

Edward F. Rossomando, Stephen Alexander
April 30, 1992

An integrated reference which could form the basis for advanced courses on development or become a resource for individuals teaching basic courses. Following an introduction by the volume editors, the 11 chapters represent 11 different systems, arranged phylogenetically, beginning with prokaryotic s...

Resources & Environment in Asia's Marine Sector

James B. Marsh
April 01, 1992

This volume brings together a cross-section of marine experts who provide a comprehensive exploration of the major facets of Asia's marine sector. It considers both the marine mineral and fish stocks in Asian waters. This extensive volume examines "official" statistics with an objective eye and...

Diagnostic Ultrastructural Pathology, Volume I: A Text-Atlas of Case Studies Illustrating The Correlative Clinical-Ultrastructural-Pathologic Approach to Diagnosis

Ann M. Dvorak, Rita A. Monahan-Earley
April 01, 1992

This problem-based guide illustrates key reasoning processes that physicians use to resolve individual clinical problems through the use of electron microscopy. Its format will facilitate learning the case approach for diagnostic ultrastructural pathology using clinical-ultrastructural-pathogenic...