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Orchids of Malawi

Isobyl LaCroix, T.M LaCroix
June 01, 1991

This text covers all of the Malawi orchids, both epiphytic and terrestrial....

Drug Susceptibility in the Chemotherapy of Mycobacterial Infections

Leonid B. Heifets
May 28, 1991

This book is comprised of reviews on the chemotherapy of mycobacterial infections, as well as descriptions of established methods and new techniques for drug susceptibility testing. Some of the fascinating topics examined include the activity of conventional and experimental antimicrobial agents,...

Insulin-like Growth Factors: Molecular and Cellular Aspects

Derek LeRoith
May 28, 1991

During the past decade, the continued interest in insulin-related growth factors has been documented by a plethora of research programs and publications focused on these growth factors. Both molecular and cellular biological techniques have improved and enabled investigators to study the properties...

Molecular Dosimetry and Human Cancer: Analytical, Epidemiological, and Social Considerations

Paul L. Skipper, John D. Groopman
May 21, 1991

This book provides readers with a broad view of the field of molecular dosimetry by discussing its origins, underlying concepts, the wide range of approaches to making the measurements and applications for the results. Specific topics include the direct assessment of human carcinogens and...

Manual of Agricultural Nematology

May 16, 1991

Nickle (Beltsille Agricultural Research Center of the USDA) has engaged 29 internationally known experts to replace the classic work of I.N. Filipjev (1934) and its translated revision (Schuurmans Stekhoven, Jr., 1941) with a modern work taking note of 188 additional genera, and 4,650 more species....

Gene-Mapping Techniques and Applications

Lawrence B. Schook
May 15, 1991


Metal Poisoning in Fish

Elsa M. B. Sorensen
May 03, 1991

Metal Poisoning in Fish provides a comprehensive look at many aspects of metal poisoning of euryhaline and stenohaline fish. Metals and metalloids are considered individually and collectively and include arsenic, lead, selenium, copper, cadmium, mercury, and zinc. This informative, readable...

Virus of Invertebrates

Edouard Kurstak, Jorg Kreuter
April 29, 1991

The 300 known viruses that affect invertebrates, mostly insects, are important for research and for pest control. Twelve studies review the advances in the knowledge and use of these viruses made possible by biotechnological processes. Special attention is given to the baculoviridae family, but othe...

Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membranerelation to Growth and Transport, Volume II

Frederick L. Crane, D. James Morre, Hans E. Low
April 15, 1991

The concept of general oxidoreductase function at the plasma level is new. Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membrane: Relation to Growth and Transport provides the first truly comprehensive coverage of the oxidoreduction reactions in plasma membranes and the role that can now be attributed to these...

The Natural History of Rabies, 2nd Edition

George M. Baer
March 26, 1991

This book provides essential worldwide reference information regarding rabies for public health officials, veterinarians, physicians, virologists, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, laboratory diagnosticians, and wildlife biologists. The book is divided into six main sections,...

Handbook of Natural Toxins: Toxicology of Plant and Fungal Compounds

R. F. Keeler
March 01, 1991

This volume describes some of the new research published since volume 1 of the series, Plant and fungal toxins , was published in 1983. A few chapters update topics previously treated, but most describe in depth the toxicologic and chemical aspects of other topics. Thus volumes 1 and 6 together prov...