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CRC Handbook of Laboratory Model Systems for Microbial Ecosystems, Volume II

Julian W.T. Wimpenny
October 31, 1988

These volumes present the main classes of useful laboratory model systems used to study microbial ecosystems, with emphasis on the practical details for the use of each model. The most commonly used model, the homogeneous fermenter, is featured along with linked homogeneous culture systems, film...

CRC Handbook of Lichenology, Volume II

Margalith Galun
September 30, 1988

This easy-to-read handbook provides a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on lichens. The structure of lichens and their dual nature is explained, as well as the physiology of interaction of the symbionts. The way lichens reproduce and their ecology is included, with methods for...

CRC Handbook of Animal Models for the Rheumatic Diseases, Volume I

Robert A. Greenwald, Herbert S. Diamond
September 30, 1988

Detailed methods of the most widely used and best established animal models and related approaches to the study of rheumatic diseases and their treatment are presented in this major reference book. The detailed description of each model allows the reader to select the model most appropriate for...

Handbook Microbiology, Volume X

Allen I. Laskin, Hubert Lechevalier
September 30, 1988

Basic information on antibiotics and other biologically active products are presented in these two easy-to-read volumes. The first volume is devoted entirely to antibiotics and consists of data assembled from the Index of Antibiotics from Actinomycetes. Highlighted are antibiotics from bacteria and...

Immunocytochemistry: Theory and Practice

Lars-Inge Larsson
July 31, 1988

A complete and balanced overview of all aspects of immunocytochemistry is presented providing a clear understanding of their impact on experiment. All available techniques and many diagnostic and research applications are included, as well as practical step-by-step instructions for carrying out...

Interferon and Nonviral Pathogens

G. I. Bryne
July 29, 1988


European Research on Varroatosis Control

Commission of the European Communities
June 01, 1988


Progress on Pest Management in Field Vegetables

R. Cavallo
June 01, 1988

Proceedings of the CEC/IOBC Expert's Group Meeting, Pennes, France, November 1985. Forty contributions (authors are from 12 countries and two international organizations) deal with crops such as cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, and artichokes and with the particularly urgent task of red...

Wild flowers of Majorca Minorca and Ibiza

Elspeth Beckett
June 01, 1988

Visitors to these islands in search of sun and sea are often surprised by theglorious wild flowers, abundant particularly in the spring and late autumn.Many are curious to know more about them.This book offers a means of identification on three levels.For the complete beginner there are...