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Fruit flies of economic importance 84

C.V. Cavalloro
June 01, 1986


Crustacean Biogeography

Robert H. Gore
June 01, 1986

This work covers the geographical distribution of Crustaceans with hypotheses on how the distribution took place, based on fossil and recent records....

Chemistry of Plant Hormones

Nobutaka Takahashi
January 17, 1986

The chemistry of the five principal plant hormone groups is discussed in detail in this volume. Contributing authors review history and occurrence of each hormone group, methods of isolation and detection, biosynthesis and metabolism, and structural determination. Through these analyses, the...

Chromatographic Separations of Stereoisomers

Rex W. Souter
December 10, 1985

Provides current knowledge about separation and interactions of asymmetric molecules, as well as experimental and commercial ma-terials such as columns, instruments, and derivatization reagents. Extensive applications are tabulated by both chromato-graphic technique and compound class, and...

Proceedings of the International Symposia of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund, Volume 15 Retroviruses and Human Lymphoma/Leukemia: Proceedings of the International Symposia of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund, Volume 15

Bernard Weiss, Miwa, Sugano
December 01, 1985

In the Proceedings of this Symposium, papers are presented from leading laboratories worldwide studying human and animal retroviruses and their associated leukemias and other diseases, including AIDS. The volume provides an up-to-date review of the field and indicates possible future developments...

Standard Potentials in Aqueous Solution

Allen J. Bard, Roger Parsons, Joseph Jordan
August 27, 1985

The best available collection of thermodynamic data!The first-of-its-kind in over thirty years, this up-to-date book presents the current knowledgeon Standard Potentials in Aqueous Solution.Written by leading international experts and initiated by the IUPAC Commissions onElectrochemistry and...