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A Century of Geneticists: Mutation to Medicine

1st Edition

Krishna Dronamraju
November 12, 2018

Genetics, like all scientific disciplines, is a human endeavor. Thus, the lives of geneticists - their friendships, colleagues and associations - play an important role in the historical development of the science. This book summarizes the history of genetics by reviewing the lives of the prominent...

Handbook of Agriculture Energy Potential Development: Volume 4

1st Edition

James A. Duke
November 12, 2018

For each country, there is an introductory paragraph drawn almost from the Food and Agriculture Organization. In this paragraph, there is a breakdown of the land and animal distribution within the country, i.e. how much total area there is, how much arable, how much pasture, and how much in forest...

CRC Handbook of HPLC for the Separation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins: Volume II

1st Edition

William S. Hancock
November 12, 2018

All areas of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) relevant to the separation of amino acid and polypeptide samples are described in these comprehensive volumes. Eighty-four chapters cover the application of HPLC to research in the life sciences. Both basic information and specific...

Advanced Molecular Plant Breeding: Meeting the Challenge of Food Security

1st Edition

D.N. Bharadwaj
November 08, 2018

This new volume, Advanced Molecular Plant Breeding: Meeting the Challenge of Food Security, aims to provide a better understanding of molecular plant breeding in order to boost the quality of agriculture produce, to increase crop yields and to provide nutritious food for everyone by 2050, when the...

Metabolic Adaptations in Plants During Abiotic Stress

1st Edition

Akula Ramakrishna, Sarvajeet Singh Gill
October 30, 2018

Metabolic Adaptations in Plants during Abiotic Stress covers a topic of past, present and future interest for both scientists and policy makers as the global challenge of climate change is addressed. Understanding the mechanisms of plant adaptation to environmental stresses can provide the...

Plant Molecular Systematics

1st Edition

Arun Kumar Pandey
October 15, 2018

This book highlights the efficacy of molecular data in inferring phylogeny. References throughout the book illuminate the taxonomic terminology and literature. The book includes a range of topics beginning from gene to phylogenomics and provides an up-to-date information about plant molecular...

Neurotransmitters in Plants: Perspectives and Applications

1st Edition

Akula Ramakrishna, Victoria Vladimirovna Roshchina
October 09, 2018

New scientific data confirm the origin of neurotransmitters in the ancient ocean, whose inhabitants use the compounds in their relationships. One example is the algae Ulvaria, whose image is represented on the cover. During evolution, plant and microbial cells stored the neurotransmitters that...


1st Edition

Leopold Flohe
October 08, 2018

This is the first serious attempt to synthesize all that became known of glutathione over the last three decades. The book contains an update of glutathione biosynthesis with special emphasis on its regulation in adaptive stress responses. Other chapters review glutathione transport systems and...

Nucleosome Dynamics in Epigenetic Regulation

1st Edition

Cizhong Jiang, Min Li, Jiannan Lin
September 15, 2018

The topic of nucleosome dynamics is of exceptional current interest in a number of subfields of modern biology, including molecular biology, structural biology, cell biology, systems biology and biophysics. Changes in nucleosome structure are necessary to regulate DNA repair and for the regulation...

Signal Transduction and Smooth Muscle

1st Edition

Mohamed Trebak, Scott Earley
September 11, 2018

All hollow organs, such as blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, airways, male and female reproductive systems, and the urinary bladder are primarily composed of smooth muscle. Such organs regulate flow, propulsion and mixing of luminal contents and storage by the contraction and relaxation of...

DNA Repair and Replication: Mechanisms and Clinical Significance

1st Edition

Roger J. A. Grand, John J. Reynolds
September 04, 2018

DNA Repair and Replication brings together contributions from active researchers. The first part of this book covers most aspects of the DNA damage response, emphasizing the relationship to replication stress. The second part concentrates on the relevance of this to human disease, with particular...

Molecular Biology: Different Facets

1st Edition

Anjali Priyadarshini, Prerna Pandey
July 03, 2018

This volume provides a comprehensive description of the basic tenets of molecular biology, from mechanisms to its elaborate role in gene regulation. The initial sections cover the history of genetics and molecular biology. The book then goes on to highlight the significance of molecular approaches...