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Biomedical Signal Processing: Volume 2: Compression and Automatic Recognition

1st Edition

Arnon Cohen
November 12, 2018

The presentation of the material in the book follows the flow of events of the general signal processing system. After the signal has been acquired, some manipulations are applied in order to enhance the relevant information present in the signal. Simple, Optimal, and adaptive filtering are...

CRC Handbook of Parvoviruses: Volume I

1st Edition

Peter Tijssen
November 12, 2018

This comprehensive two-volume review reflects the period of transition in the scientific community with respect to the interest in all genera of parvoviruses. More recently, the availability of sophisticated analytical methods have associated parvoviruses with important disearses in animals and in...

Phylogeny and Evolution of Bacteria and Mitochondria

1st Edition

Mauro Degli Esposti
October 30, 2018

Life on earth began with bacteria, which now colonize every corner of the planet. As the ancestors of mitochondria, bacteria are also fundamental for our cells. Most bacteria look alike, but have very different functions. Therefore, knowing the functional profile of bacteria helps understand their...

Immunology: An Introductory Textbook

1st Edition

Anil Sharma
October 30, 2018

Immunology has emerged as a key component of the curricula of graduate and postgraduate courses in biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and other interdisciplinary fields of biology, including zoology, veterinary science, and medicine. The book contains the most recent...

Handbook of Foodborne Diseases

1st Edition

Dongyou Liu
October 23, 2018

Clearly linked to consumption of foods, beverages, and drinking water that contain pathogenic microbes, toxins, or other toxic agents, foodborne diseases have undergone a remarkable change of fortune in recent decades, from once rare and insignificant malaises to headline-grabbing and deadly...

Advances in Microbial Biotechnology: Current Trends and Future Prospects

1st Edition

Pradeep Kumar, PhD., Jayanta Kumar Patra, Pranjal Chandra
September 24, 2018

Over the last few decades, the rapid and vast development of advanced microbial bioresources and metagenomics techniques has completely transformed the field of microbial biotechnology. Our understanding of microbial diversity, evolutionary biology, and microbial interaction with their animal and...

Essential Experimental Evolution

1st Edition

Frank Rosenzweig, Gavin Sherlock
September 15, 2018

Experiments using microbes are the best way to make sense of evolution in real time. This edited book highlights the experimental approach, using Viruses, Bacteria, “lower” Eukaryotes and digital organisms. The contributors illustrate the ways this approach is revolutionizing our understanding of...

The Human Microbiota in Health and Disease: An Ecological and Community-based Approach

1st Edition

Michael Wilson
September 10, 2018

A human being consists of a mammalian component and a multiplicity of microbes, collectively referred to as the "microbiota" or "microbiome," with which it has a symbiotic relationship. The microbiota is comprised of a variety of communities, the composition of each being dependent on the body site...

Microbiology for Minerals, Metals, Materials and the Environment

1st Edition

Pillai Abhilash, B. D. Pandey, K. A. Natarajan
June 30, 2018

Microbiology for Minerals, Metals, Materials and the Environment links chemical, metallurgical, and other metal inherent systems with microbes, and analyzes the interdependence between them. Specifically intended to underscore the importance of microbes in environmental remediation in the mining...

RNA Genetics: Volume I: RNA-Directed Virus Replication

1st Edition

Esteban Domingo
April 16, 2018


Thermophilic Fungi: Basic Concepts and Biotechnological Applications

1st Edition

Raj Kumar Salar
March 23, 2018

This book aims to fill the gap by documenting thermophilic fungi discovered over the past five decades. The chapters spans from covering basic aspects, taxonomy and classification including molecular phyologeny and biotechnological applications of thermophilic fungi....

Microbial Control of Vector-Borne Diseases

1st Edition

Brij Kishore Tyagi, Dharumadurai Dhanasekaran
February 15, 2018

Vector-borne diseases have increasingly emerged as significant causes of human illnesses worldwide, largely due to environmental changes (deforestation), population movements (migration and travelling), international trades, and buildup of drug resistance. These are presenting major challenge to...