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Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Lizards and Tuatara


Justin L. Rheubert, Dustin S. Siegel, Stanley E. Trauth
December 19, 2014

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Lizards and Tuatara is a remarkable compendium of chapters written by the world's leading experts from over four continents. The book begins with a chapter recounting historical discoveries in reproductive biology and a review of phylogenetics and up-to-date hyp...

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology, Second Edition


Axel Kornerup Hansen, Dennis Sandris Nielsen
November 11, 2014

The Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology, Second Edition provides comprehensive information on all bacterial phylae found in laboratory rodents and rabbits to assist managers, veterinary pathologists and laboratory animal veterinarians in the management of these organisms. The book starts by e...

Integrated Virus Detection


Charles H. Wick
November 13, 2014

Multiple viruses can be detected concurrently using the Integrated Virus Detection System (IVDS). Integrated Virus Detection describes this technology and provides many examples of applications including a chapter on viruses found in honeybees with descriptions of seasonal and yearly variation. This...

Environmental Sex Differentiation in Fish


T. J. Pandian
December 22, 2014

Fish constitute an important natural renewable resource and any reduction in their ability to propagate as a result of human interference may have significant socioeconomic consequences. The negative effect of human activity on sex differentiation and reproductive output in fish is so diverse that i...

Handbook of Cucurbits: Growth, Cultural Practices, and Physiology

Mohammad Pessarakli
February 09, 2016

The Handbook of Cucurbits: Growth, Cultural Practices, and Physiology contains information on cultural practices, nutrition, and physiological processes of cucurbits under both normal and stressful conditions. It presents the history and importance of cucurbit crop production as well as exhaustive...

Pathogen removal using saturated sand columns supplemented with hydrochar

Jae Wook Chung
February 09, 2016

Lack of clean water is one of the most important public health challenges in less developed communities. Due to insufficient financial and technical resources in places in need, development of low-cost water treatment technologies can play a key role in sustainable water provision. In this context,...

The IACUC Administrator’s Guide to Animal Program Management

William G. Greer, Ron E. Banks
February 05, 2016

The IACUC Administrator’s Guide to Animal Program Management supports IACUC administrators who assist with developing, managing, and overseeing a program of animal care and animal use. It provides many options and possibilities for specific operational practices (e.g., how to build a...

Biology and Ecology of Aphids

Andreas Vilcinskas
February 04, 2016

Most people know of aphids as garden pests, infesting the soft green tissues of plants in vast numbers and killing them by sucking out the sap. Indeed, among the 4000 or so known species of aphids about 250 are pests, and in temperate regions several are economically important agricultural pests...

Glycobiology and Human Diseases

Gherman Wiederschain
February 04, 2016

This book discusses glycobiology and various forms of human diseases. Topics covered include immunoglobulins, inflammation and glycosylation, the role and therapeutic significance of natural anti-glycan antibodies in malignancies and in normal and aberrant pregnancy, identifying urinary glycans as...

Analysis of Oceanic Waters and Sediments

Thomas Roy Crompton
February 01, 2016

The presence of concentrations of organic substances and cations in seawater is a matter of increasing concern to the water industry, environmentalists and the general public alike. It poses a threat of possible health hazards for humans, fish and crustacea. Until fairly recently, the analysis of...

Applying Pharmacogenomics in Therapeutics

Xiaodong Feng, Hong-Guang Xie
January 27, 2016

Recent advances in high-throughput gene sequencing and other omics biotechnologies have served as a springboard for the field of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is now generally accepted as the major determinant of variable drug safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, widespread use...

Mapping of Nervous System Diseases via MicroRNAs

Christian Barbato, Francesca Ruberti
January 27, 2016

In recent years, understanding of microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis, the molecular mechanisms by which miRNAs regulate gene expression, and the functional roles of miRNAs has expanded. Mapping of Nervous System Diseases via MicroRNAs provides an up-to-date review on the function of miRNA in neurological...

Environmental Plant Physiology

Neil Willey
January 22, 2016

Environmental Plant Physiology focuses on the physiology of plant-environment interactions, revealing plants as the key terrestrial intersection of the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere. It provides a contemporary understanding of the topic by focusing on some of humankind's...

Biology, Ecology and Culture of Grey Mullets (Mugilidae)

Donatella Crosetti, Stephen J. M. Blaber
January 22, 2016

Mullets (grey mullets) are a family (Mugilidae) and order of ray-finned fish found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide. There are approximately 80 species of mullet; these fish have been considered an important food source in Mediterranean Europe since Roman times. This book provides a long...

Edible Seaweeds of the World

Leonel Pereira
January 22, 2016

Seaweed is used in many countries for very different purposes - directly as food, especially in sushi, as a source of phycocolloids, extraction of compounds with antiviral, antibacterial or antitumor activity and as biofertilizers. About four million tons of seaweed are harvested annually worldwide...

Medicinal Plants and Malaria: Applications, Trends, and Prospects

Woon-Chien Teng, Ho Han Kiat, Rossarin Suwanarusk, Hwee-Ling Koh
January 22, 2016

Malaria is a potentially life-threatening disease that affects millions worldwide, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. The recent emergence and spread of multidrug resistance in parts of Southeast Asia prompts the urgent need for novel and effective therapy against the disease. Medicinal Plants and...