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Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Lizards and Tuatara


Justin L. Rheubert, Dustin S. Siegel, Stanley E. Trauth
December 19, 2014

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Lizards and Tuatara is a remarkable compendium of chapters written by the world's leading experts from over four continents. The book begins with a chapter recounting historical discoveries in reproductive biology and a review of phylogenetics and up-to-date hyp...

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology, Second Edition


Axel Kornerup Hansen, Dennis Sandris Nielsen
November 11, 2014

The Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology, Second Edition provides comprehensive information on all bacterial phylae found in laboratory rodents and rabbits to assist managers, veterinary pathologists and laboratory animal veterinarians in the management of these organisms. The book starts by e...

Integrated Virus Detection


Charles H. Wick
November 13, 2014

Multiple viruses can be detected concurrently using the Integrated Virus Detection System (IVDS). Integrated Virus Detection describes this technology and provides many examples of applications including a chapter on viruses found in honeybees with descriptions of seasonal and yearly variation. This...

Environmental Sex Differentiation in Fish


T. J. Pandian
December 22, 2014

Fish constitute an important natural renewable resource and any reduction in their ability to propagate as a result of human interference may have significant socioeconomic consequences. The negative effect of human activity on sex differentiation and reproductive output in fish is so diverse that i...

Biotechnology Fundamentals, Second Edition

Firdos Alam Khan
November 23, 2015

A single source reference covering every aspect of biotechnology, Biotechnology Fundamentals, Second Edition breaks down the basic fundamentals of this discipline, and highlights both conventional and modern approaches unique to the industry. In addition to recent advances and updates relevant to...

Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms of Muscle Contraction

Jean Emile Morel
November 23, 2015

Thoroughly researched using experimentation and re-examination of all previously published evidence, Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms of Muscle Contraction is a carefully crafted treatise and revision of previous conceptions of muscle contraction. It presents detailed descriptions of new,...

Environmental Microbiology for Engineers, Second Edition

Volodymyr Ivanov
November 18, 2015

Updated Edition Includes a New Chapter and Enhanced Study Material The second edition of Environmental Microbiology for Engineers explores the role that microorganisms play in the engineered protection and enhancement of an environment. Offering a perfect balance of microbiological knowledge and...

Therapeutic Medicinal Plants: From Lab to the Market

Marta C.T. Duarte, Mahendra Rai
November 16, 2015

Medicinal plants have been used in the prevention, diagnosis, and elimination of diseases based on the practical experience of thousands of years. There is a pressing need to initiate and transform laboratory research into fruitful formulations leading to the development of newer products for the...

Halophytic and Salt-Tolerant Feedstuffs: Impacts on Nutrition, Physiology and Reproduction of Livestock

Hassan M. El Shaer, Victor Roy Squires
November 16, 2015

Naturally occurring salt tolerant and halophytic plants (trees, shrubs, grasses, and forbs) have always been utilized by livestock as a supplement or drought reserve. Salt tolerant forage and fodder crops are now being planted over wide areas. Increasingly, large-scale production of fodder on...

Bioluminescent Microbial Biosensors: Design, Construction, and Implementation

Gerald Thouand, Robert S. Marks
November 16, 2015

This book describes the design and the use of bioluminescent biosensors. It introduces beginners and experienced researchers starting in the microbiological biosensor domain to the practical aspects of building a luminescent microbial biosensor. It is also a source of information about other...

Marine Biomedicine: From Beach to Bedside

Bill J. Baker
November 06, 2015

Marine Biomedicine: From Beach to Bedside assesses current efforts in marine biomedicine and evaluates the implications of recent advances on the future of the field. Richly illustrated in full color to enhance reader comprehension, the book covers four sections. The first one addresses the...

Annual Fishes: Life History Strategy, Diversity, and Evolution

Nibia Berois, Graciela García, Rafael O. de Sá
November 06, 2015

Annual Fishes: Life History Strategy, Diversity, and Evolution is the first comprehensive reference on current knowledge of diverse species that exhibit unique survival strategies and provide important models for basic and applied research. This work fills a void, covering the life cycle,...

Mitochondria in Liver Disease

Derick Han, Neil Kaplowitz
November 04, 2015

"…excellent, well-organized, and timely."—Lester Packer and Enrique Cardenas, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, from the Series Preface The liver is a vital organ that is responsible for a wide range of functions, most of which are essential for survival. The multitude of functions...

Redox Proteins in Supercomplexes and Signalosomes

Ricardo O. Louro, Irene Diaz-Moreno
November 04, 2015

Get Insight on the Function of Supercomplexes in Biological Systems Redox Proteins in Supercomplexes and Signalosomes is one of the first books to explore the key role played by redox proteins and their interaction network in a wide range of essential cellular processes in all domains of life. The...

Seed Inoculation, Coating and Precision Pelleting: Science, Technology and Practical Applications

Gerald M. Bennett, John Lloyd
November 04, 2015

Seed inoculation is the practice of effectively introducing a high number of nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Rhizobium or Bradyrhizobium) on the surface of legume seeds prior to planting. The bacteria penetrates the root, resulting in the formation of root nodules that fix nitrogen from the air, and make...

Gnotobiotic Mouse Technology: An Illustrated Guide

Chriss J. Vowles, Natalie E. Anderson, Kathryn A. Eaton
October 28, 2015

The popularity of germ-free animal models, particularly mice, for investigation of human physiology and disease has recently exploded. Gnotobiotic Mouse Technology: An Illustrated Guide provides the first manual for the maintenance, husbandry, and experimental manipulation of germ-free and...