Information Technology

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Ensuring Software Reliability

1st Edition

Ann Marie Neufelder
November 12, 1992

Explains how software reliability can be applied to software programs of all sizes, functions and languages, and businesses. This text provides real-life examples from industries such as defence engineering, and finance. It is aimed at software and quality assurance engineers and graduate students....

Uncertain Information Processing In Expert Systems

1st Edition

Petr Hajek, Tomas Havranek, Radim Jirousek
June 29, 1992

Uncertain Information Processing in Expert Systems systematically and critically examines probabilistic and rule-based (compositional, MYCIN-like) systems, the two most important families of expert systems dealing with uncertainty. The book features a detailed introduction to probabilistic systems...

Practical Software Engineering

1st Edition

May 19, 1992

Practical Software Engineering presents an introduction to software engineering for a first course. Using the C language, the text stresses the themes of software development by teams; the importance of maintenance; reusability; complete and correct documentation; testing throughout the life cycle;...

Object-Oriented Engineering: Building Engineering Systems Usig Smalltalk-80

1st Edition

May 19, 1992

This book provides an introduction to the understanding and use of object-oriented methodologies for engineering problem solving with a specific emphasis on analysis and design. (Object-oriented programming is a general computer language methodology. The name comes from the focus on describing...

Hybrid Architectures for Intelligent Systems

1st Edition

Abraham Kandel, Gideon Langholz
February 21, 1992

Hybrid architecture for intelligent systems is a new field of artificial intelligence concerned with the development of the next generation of intelligent systems. This volume is the first book to delineate current research interests in hybrid architectures for intelligent systems. The book is...

Languages for Developing User Interfaces

1st Edition

Brad A. Myers
February 11, 1992

This book brings together a number of researchers and developers from industry and academia who report on their work. It is of interest to language designers and the creators of toolkits, UIMSs, and other user interface tools....

Policies and Procedures for Data Security: A Complete Manual for Computer Systems and Networks

1st Edition

Thomas R. Peltier
December 19, 1991

Here’s your how-to manual for developing policies and procedures that maintain the security of information systems and networks in the workplace. It provides numerous checklists and examples of existing programs that you can use as guidelines for creating your own documents. You’ll learn how to...

Fuzzy Expert Systems

1st Edition

Abraham Kandel
November 12, 1991

Until recently, fuzzy logic was the intellectual plaything of a handful of researchers. Now it is being used to enhance the power of intelligent systems, as well as improve the performance and reduce the cost of intelligent and "smart" products appearing in the commercial market. Fuzzy Expert...

Scientific Programmer's Toolkit: Turbo Pascal Edition

1st Edition

M.H Beilby, R.D Harding, M.R Manning
January 01, 1991

The Scientific Programmer's Toolkit: Turbo Pascal Edition presents a complete software environment for anyone writing programs in mathematical, engineering, or science areas. This toolkit package is designed for use with Turbo Pascal, the de facto standard Pascal system for PC and compatible...

Database Systems in Science and Engineering

1st Edition

J.R Rumble, F.J Smith
January 01, 1990

Computerized databases provide a powerful everyday tool for data handling by scientists and engineers. However, the unique nature of many technical tasks requires a specialized approach to make use of the many powerful commercial database tools now available. Using these tools has proved difficult...

Authority Control in the Online Environment: Considerations and Practices

1st Edition

Barbara Tillett
April 07, 1989

This valuable new book reviews past research on authority control, offers new findings, and documents important considerations for automating authority control. Covering a wide range of important topics, the contributors explore sharing authority records nationally and internationally, perspectives...