Information Technology

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Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms: Industrial Applications

1st Edition

Lakhmi C. Jain, N.M. Martin
November 17, 1998

Artificial neural networks can mimic the biological information-processing mechanism in - a very limited sense. Fuzzy logic provides a basis for representing uncertain and imprecise knowledge and forms a basis for human reasoning. Neural networks display genuine promise in solving problems, but a...

Industrial Applications of Neural Networks

1st Edition

Lakhmi C. Jain, V. Rao Vemuri
October 28, 1998

Industrial Applications of Neural Networks explores the success of neural networks in different areas of engineering endeavors. Each chapter shows how the power of neural networks can be exploited in modern engineering applications.The first seven chapters focus on image processing as well as...

Inventory Classification Innovation: Paving the Way for Electronic Commerce and Vendor Managed Inventory

1st Edition

Russell Broeckelmann
October 28, 1998

All Inventory is not created equal. Inventory classification is the backbone of distribution profitability. Important inventory management criteria such as customer service level, margin, days supply and EOQ can not be applied across the board by vendor or product category. Therefore, different...

Handbook of Multimedia Computing

1st Edition

Borko Furht
September 29, 1998

Multimedia computing has emerged as a major area of research. Coupled with high-speed networks, multimedia computer systems have opened a spectrum of new applications by combining a variety of information sources, such as voice, graphics, animation, images, audio, and video. Handbook on Multimedia...

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Techniques in Industry

1st Edition

Lakhmi C. Jain, R.P. Johnson, Yoshiyasu Takefuji, Lofti A. Zadeh
September 28, 1998

The successful development and deployment of expert system tools spurred the initial momentum in developing and using intelligent techniques in industry. The brittleness of expert systems and the enormous effort involved in the development and maintenance of knowledge bases prompted researchers to...

Distributed System Design

1st Edition

Jie Wu
August 06, 1998

Future requirements for computing speed, system reliability, and cost-effectiveness entail the development of alternative computers to replace the traditional von Neumann organization. As computing networks come into being, one of the latest dreams is now possible - distributed computing....

Inside the Database Object Model

1st Edition

Donald K. Burleson
June 25, 1998

Databases and database system design are in the midst of a major transition to object-oriented databases. Moving from relational database architecture to an object-oriented technology is the next logical step in database design.With the properties of encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism,...

Telecom Operations Management Solutions with NetExpert

1st Edition

Kornel Terplan
June 09, 1998

The communications environment is rapidly changing. The barriers of traditional phone and data technologies are going to break down, and users can expect a true multimedia environment with existing services transferred and new services implemented. New suppliers, such as cable companies, will...

Neurocomputing for Design Automation

1st Edition

Hyo Seon Park
May 22, 1998

Neurocomputing for Design Automation provides innovative design theories and computational models with two broad objectives: automation and optimization.This singular book:Presents an introduction to the automation and optimization of engineering design of complex engineering systems using neural...

Advanced Computer Performance Modeling and Simulation

1st Edition

Kallol Bagchi, Jean Walrand, George Zobrist
May 13, 1998

Addresses the major issues involved in computer design and architectures. Dealing primarily with theory, tools, and techniques as related to advanced computer systems, it provides tutorials and surveys and relates new important research results. Each chapter provides background information,...

Knowledge Organizations: What Every Manager Should Know

1st Edition

Jay Liebowitz, Thomas J. Beckman
April 23, 1998

For knowledge management to be successful, the corporate culture needs to be adapted to encourage the creation, sharing, and distribution of knowledge within the organization. Knowledge Organizations: What Every Manager Should Know provides insight into how organizations can best accomplish this...

Outsourcing: A CIO's Perspective

1st Edition

Oakie D. Williams
April 13, 1998

As global competition grows more fierce, companies continue to look for ways to increase their competitive edge without jeopardizing profit margins. Today's corporations are starting to realize the competitive advantage that Information Technology (IT) can bring to a company. These corporations are...