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Information Technologies in the Minerals Industry: Proceedings of the first international conference on information technologies in the minerals industry via the Internet, 1-12 December 1997

Michalakopoulos, G.N. Panagiotou
January 01, 1998

The conference is organized by the Department of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy of the National University of Athens, Greece and its purpose is to promote technology transfer and identify future courses of action in research and development via the Internet. The topics covered include...

Logo: A Retrospective

D Lamont Johnson, Cleborne D Maddux
December 30, 1997

In Logo: A Retrospective, you?ll look back and see why attempts to teach Logo in American schools failed the first time it was introduced, and you?ll learn what you can do so educators don?t make the same mistake again. You?ll explore how teachers can sidestep the all-too-familiar cycle of zealous...

The Handbook of Applied Expert Systems

Jay Liebowitz
December 29, 1997

The Handbook of Applied Expert Systems is a landmark work dedicated solely to this rapidly advancing area of study. Edited by Jay Liebowitz, a professor, author, and consultant known around the world for his work in the field, this authoritative source covers the latest expert system technologies,...

Windows NT, UNIX, NetWare Migration/Coexistence: A Professional's Guide

Raj Rajagopal
December 29, 1997

This manual fulfills the need for a thorough reference showing the strengths of different products and how to maximize these strengths.The work provides critical insight and understanding for:...

Internet for Scientists

B. F. O'Donnell
November 01, 1997


The Human Side of Intranets: Content, Style, and Politics

Jerry W. Koehler, Thom Dupper, Marvin D. Scaff, Fred Reitberger, Patti Paxson
October 27, 1997

Intranets have changed the way organizations around the world communicate. Many business people are intimidated by this technological revolution-but they need not be! The Human Side of Intranets guides you through the daunting task of transforming communication within your business. This book is...

Patterns, Models, and Application Development: A C++ Programmer's Reference

Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton
October 24, 1997

Patterns, Models, and Application Development, a new book from two experts in C++, integrates a methodology for program development and covers three main categories: object modeling as a program design tool, design patterns and their modeling in C++ language structures, and a discussion of the...

Computational Intelligence: An Introduction

Witold Pedrycz
September 08, 1997

Computational intelligence as a new development paradigm of intelligent systems has resulted from a synergy between neural networks, fuzzy sets, and genetic computations. This emerging area, even at its very earliest stage, has already attracted the attention of top researchers and practitioners....

An Introduction to Neural Networks

Kevin Gurney
August 05, 1997

Though mathematical ideas underpin the study of neural networks, the author presents the fundamentals without the full mathematical apparatus. All aspects of the field are tackled, including artificial neurons as models of their real counterparts; the geometry of network action in pattern space;...

Knowledge Management and its Integrative Elements

Jay Liebowitz, Lyle C. Wilcox
May 21, 1997

Knowledge: In the realm of knowledge management, information plus wisdom equals knowledge. Organizations have found that the knowledge they contain can be one of their most important competitive weaponsDefinition:Knowledge management: The ability of an organization to manage, store, value, and...

Data Management Systems: Evolution and Interoperation

Bhavani Thuraisingham
May 19, 1997

As the information contained in databases has become a critical resource in organizations, efficient access to that information and the ability to share it among different users and across different systems has become an urgent need. The interoperability of heterogeneous database systems-literally,...

Supply Chain Management: The Basics and Beyond

William C. Copacino
April 03, 1997

From one of the world's leading consultants, authors and practitioners in the area of supply chain management comes the most extensive coverage of the subject to date. Bringing more than 18 years of experience in logistics, manufacturing, purchasing, customer service, and supply chain management in...