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Soft Computing in Human-Related Sciences

Horia-Nicolai L Teodorescu, Abraham Kandel, Lakhmi C. Jain
April 29, 1999

Hard boundaries have traditionally existed between such fields as fuzzy systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, chaotic systems and expert systems. Gradually those boundaries are tending to vanish and "soft computing"-based systems that mix these different approaches have begun to...

Network Systems Design

Erol Gelenbe, Kallol Bagchi, George Zobrist
April 23, 1999

Addressing the major issues involved in network design and architectures, this text deals primarily with systems and application as related to network system design; it also provides tutorials and surveys and relates new important research results. The intent is to provide a set of tools based on...

Web-based Systems and Network Management

Kornel Terplan
April 21, 1999

Web-based technology is rapidly penetrating many business areas, including systems and network management. This new technology is based on the Internet, offering benefits in terms of unification and simplification of systems and network management.Web-based Systems and Network Management is a...

Practical Applications of Computational Intelligence for Adaptive Control

Charles Karr
April 12, 1999

Written as a result of a seven year research project using computational intelligence techniques for solving mineral processing problems at the U.S. Bureau of Mines, this book is about intelligent, adaptive process control. It brings together ideas from the field of computational intelligence , a...

Digital Signal Processing for Multimedia Systems

Keshab K. Parhi, Takao Nishitami
March 11, 1999

Addresses a wide selection of multimedia applications, programmable and custom architectures for the implementations of multimedia systems, and arithmetic architectures and design methodologies. The book covers recent applications of digital signal processing algorithms in multimedia, presents...

Software Process Quality: Management and Control

Ron S. Kenett, Emanuel Baker
January 22, 1999

Using actual examples of software process improvement from the private sector and government, this work demonstrates how quality systems, measurement techniques and performance evaluations work. It presents a methodology for analyzing an ongoing software development process and establishing a...

Advanced Computer System Design

George Zobrist, Kallol Bagchi, Kishor Trivedi
January 18, 1999

This text focuses on the major issues involved in computer design and architectures. Dealing primarily with systems and applications as related to advanced computer system design, it provides tutorials and surveys and relates new important research results. The intent is to provide a set of tools...

Embedded Systems Building Blocks: Complete and Ready-to-Use Modules in C

Jean J. Labrosse
January 12, 1999

- This second edition features revisions that support the latest version of the author's popular operating system and book, MicroC/OS-II - Complete and ready-to-use modules in C Get a clear explanation of functional code modules and microcontroller theory...

VC++ MFC Extensions by Example

John E. Swanke
January 10, 1999

Extend and modify MFC code to meet your needs! Author John Swanke delivers studied examples to give you a jump-start on creating more sophisticated and powerful applications. Each example is fully annotated and ready to insert into the your application --...

Maximizing Call Center Performance: 136 Innovative Ideas for Increasing Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Madeline Bodin
January 01, 1999

Ever wish you could find out how North America's biggest and most advanced call centers are really using call center technology? Want to know how successful call centers have solved the problems behind basic call center functions such as order handling, h...

Securities Technology Handbook

Jessica Keyes
December 30, 1998

This desk reference provides IT professionals in the securities industry with information about the latest technologies for improving efficiency and prediction.Topics include:modelingmanagement systemsresearchInternet commerceissues affecting all financial services sectors, such as the year 2000...