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COM Programming by Example: Using MFC, ActiveX, ATL, ADO, and COM+

John E. Swanke
January 06, 2000

Use MFC, ActiveX, ATL, ADO and COM+ to develop COM applications Implement client/server applications with ease with this example-oriented approach to the details and implementation of COM technology in network applications. If there was ever a subject th...

The Unified Process Elaboration Phase: Best Practices in Implementing the UP

Scott W. Ambler
January 04, 2000

Is the Unified Process the be all and end all standard for developing object-oriented component-based software? Scott Ambler doesn't think so. This book is one in a four-volume series that presents a critical review of the Unified Process -- designed to p...

Programming Workflow Applications with Domino

Daniel T. Giblin, Richard Lam
January 04, 2000

Harness the power of groupware to reshape business processes and customer interactions. This book will permit you to implement Web-based workflow applications using the industry-standard groupware environment, Domino R5. Build Web applications that will p...

Telecommunications Expense Management: How to Audit Your Bills, Reduce Expenses, and Negotiate Favorable Rates

Michael Brosnan, John Messina
January 01, 2000

This straightforward book will provide you with the insight necessary to save your organization revenue through the processes of bill auditing, expense reduction, and savvy contract negotiations. Information technology professionals will find the authors' suggestions useful, and yet uncomplicated...

Secure Computers and Networks: Analysis, Design, and Implementation

Eric A. Fisch, Gregory B. White
December 28, 1999

This updated guide presents expert information on analyzing, designing, and implementing all aspects of computer network security. Based on the authors' earlier work, Computer System and Network Security, this new book addresses important concerns regarding network security. It contains new...

Business Resumption Planning, Second Supplement

Edward S. Devlin, Cole Emerson, Leo A. Wrobel, Mark B. Desman
December 27, 1999

Offering hundreds of tips, templates, checklists, and pointers to information in the public domain, Business Resumption Planning, Second Edition assists you in creating a rock solid recovery plan for any size organization. It provides the information you need in order to coordinate first responders...

Introduction to Microsoft Windows NT Cluster Server: Programming and Administration

Raj Rajagopal
December 15, 1999

Mastering cluster technology-the linking of servers-is becoming increasingly important for application and system programmers and network designers, administrators, and managers. With Microsoft's Windows NT cluster server being the first to tie cluster technology with a major operating system, it...

Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain

Amit Konar
December 08, 1999

With all the material available in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and soft computing-texts, monographs, and journal articles-there remains a serious gap in the literature. Until now, there has been no comprehensive resource accessible to a broad audience yet containing a depth and...

The Network Manager's Handbook, Third Edition: 1999

John M. Lusa
December 01, 1999

The Network Manager's Handbook is a one-of-a-kind resource featuring critical network technology assessments and career development advice from some of the most highly respected consultants and network managers in the field. This answer-filled compendium provides a rich blend of precise knowledge...

Handbook of Data Management 1999 Edition

Sanjiv Purba
November 29, 1999

Written by leading industry experts, the Data Management Handbook is a comprehensive, single-volume guide to the most innovative ideas on how to plan, develop, and run a powerful data management function - as well as handle day-to-day operations. The book provides practical, hands-on guidance on...

Computational Intelligence for Decision Support

Zhengxin Chen
November 24, 1999

Intelligent decision support relies on techniques from a variety of disciplines, including artificial intelligence and database management systems. Most of the existing literature neglects the relationship between these disciplines. By integrating AI and DBMS, Computational Intelligence for...

Multi-Operating System Networking: Living with UNIX, NetWare, and NT

Raj Rajagopal
November 08, 1999

Here is all the practical, hands-on information you need to build, manage and maintain a heterogeneous computing environment with hardware, software, and network equipment from a number of different vendors. Packed with real-world case studies and proven techniques for integrating disparate...