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Real-Time Embedded Multithreading: Using ThreadX and ARM

1st Edition

Edward L. Lamie
January 01, 2005

Use the industry's most popular RTOS/processor combination to develop embedded applications that are small, fast, reliable, and deterministic. Beginning with a discussion of embedded and real-time concepts and terminology, this book uses a specific demon...

Deadlock Resolution in Computer-Integrated Systems

1st Edition

MengChu Zhou, Maria Pia Fanti
December 27, 2004

Complex computer-integrated systems offer enormous benefits across a wide array of applications, including automated production, transportation, concurrent software, and computer operating systems, computer networks, distributed database systems, and many other automated systems. Yet, as these...

MicroC/OS-II: The Real Time Kernel

2nd Edition

Jean J. Labrosse
February 05, 2002

MicroC/OS II Second Edition describes the design and implementation of the MicroC/OS-II real-time operating system (RTOS). In addition to its value as a reference to the kernel, it is an extremely detailed and highly readable design study particularly useful to the embedded systems student. While...

Multi-Operating System Networking: Living with UNIX, NetWare, and NT

1st Edition

Raj Rajagopal
November 08, 1999

Here is all the practical, hands-on information you need to build, manage and maintain a heterogeneous computing environment with hardware, software, and network equipment from a number of different vendors. Packed with real-world case studies and proven techniques for integrating disparate...

Information Technologies in the Minerals Industry: Proceedings of the first international conference on information technologies in the minerals industry via the Internet, 1-12 December 1997

1st Edition

Michalakopoulos, G.N. Panagiotou
January 01, 1998

The conference is organized by the Department of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy of the National University of Athens, Greece and its purpose is to promote technology transfer and identify future courses of action in research and development via the Internet. The topics covered include...

FreeDOS Kernel: An MS-DOS Emulator for Platform Independence & Embedded System Development

1st Edition

Pat Villani
January 09, 1996

Master operation system development. FreeDOS Kernel explains the construction and operation of Pat Villani's DOS-C - a highly portable, single threaded operating system. Written in C and with system calls similar to MS-DOS, the FreeDOS kernel provides an...