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Handbook of Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications

1st Edition

Borko Furht
December 29, 1998

Today, multimedia applications on the Internet are still in their infancy. They include personalized communications, such as Internet telephone and videophone, and interactive applications, such as video-on-demand, videoconferencing, distance learning, collaborative work, digital libraries, radio...

Handbook of Multimedia Computing

1st Edition

Borko Furht
September 29, 1998

Multimedia computing has emerged as a major area of research. Coupled with high-speed networks, multimedia computer systems have opened a spectrum of new applications by combining a variety of information sources, such as voice, graphics, animation, images, audio, and video. Handbook on Multimedia...

Inside the Database Object Model

1st Edition

Donald K. Burleson
June 25, 1998

Databases and database system design are in the midst of a major transition to object-oriented databases. Moving from relational database architecture to an object-oriented technology is the next logical step in database design.With the properties of encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism,...

Deductive Databases and Their Applications

1st Edition

Robert Colomb
February 23, 1998

Deductive Databases and their Applications is an introductory text aimed at undergraduate students with some knowledge of database and information systems. The text comes complete with exercises and solutions to encourage students to tackle problems practically as well as theoretically. The author...

Data Management Systems: Evolution and Interoperation

1st Edition

Bhavani Thuraisingham
May 19, 1997

As the information contained in databases has become a critical resource in organizations, efficient access to that information and the ability to share it among different users and across different systems has become an urgent need. The interoperability of heterogeneous database systems-literally,...

Manufacturing Databases and Computer Integrated Systems

1st Edition

Dimitris N. Chorafas
July 23, 1993

Manufacturing Databases and Computer Integrated Systems is the first book to probe the problems and solutions presented by the diversity of databases within the manufacturing industry. The author examines these heterogeneous databases at both the macro (national/international) level and micro (...

Database Systems in Science and Engineering

1st Edition

J.R Rumble, F.J Smith
January 01, 1990

Computerized databases provide a powerful everyday tool for data handling by scientists and engineers. However, the unique nature of many technical tasks requires a specialized approach to make use of the many powerful commercial database tools now available. Using these tools has proved difficult...