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Hazardous Materials Emergencies: The Professional Response Team

John R. Cashman
October 26, 1995

From the Introduction This book is mostly structured around first-person interviews with nationally and locally recognized experts who have been in hazardous materials response for a number of years. To aid networking, the addresses and telephone numbers of all persons interviewed are listed at the...

Emergency Response and Hazardous Chemical Management: Principles and Practices

Clyde B. Strong, T. Rick Irvin
October 01, 1995

Management of hazardous chemicals and materials-particularly during emergency release situations-is a critical part of routine training required for workers and professionals in the chemical, petroleum and manufacturing industries. Proper storage of highly reactive chemical agents, correct choice...

Hazardous Chemicals in the Polymer Industry

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
October 04, 1994

Provides accurate, up-to-date information on the hazardous properties of several hundred generic and specific polymeric additives used in elastomer and plastics processing operations, detailing the symproms of overexposure as well as resonsible packaging, shipping and emergency-response procedures....

Natural Disasters

David C. Alexander
July 29, 1993

As a well balanced and fully illustrated introductory text, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the physical, technological and social components of natural disaster. The main disaster-producing agents are reviewed systematically in terms of geophysical processes and effects, monitoring,...

First Responder's Guide to Agricultural Chemical Accidents

Charles R. Foden, Jack L. Weddell
October 19, 1992

First Responder's Guide to Agricultural Chemical Accidents provides emergency safety and health information for 452 toxic and hazardous products. These products, frequently used by pest exterminators and farmers, include those insecticides, pesticides, rodenticides, herbicides, and fertilizers...

First Response: A Laboratory Health and Safety Chemical Expert System

Virginia Keith, Douglas B. Walters
October 07, 1992

First aid decisions made before professional medical help arrives in an emergency situation can be critical to the well-being of a victim. First Response is the resource to turn to when you need advice for emergency first aid response in the first few minutes after exposure to laboratory amounts of...

Hazardous Materials: Emergency Action Data

Charles R. Foden, Jack L. Weddell
December 29, 1991

This book is a reference guide that provides chemical, health, and safety information on more than 1,120 toxic and hazardous chemicals and lists nearly 3,000 synonyms used for the most commonly transported chemicals by railroad and highway carriers. Information comes straight from the manufacturers...

Remote Sensing for Hazard Monitoring and Disaster Assessment: Marine and Coastal Applications in the Mediterranean Region

Eric C Barrett, Krystyna A. Brown, Anton Micallef
November 28, 1991

Concern for environment hazards, plus the real or potential disasters they may prompt, is growing fast as populations and living standards rise. Fortunately, at the same time both the science and technology of space-based mapping and monitoring of our terrestrial environment are maturing fast. This...