Homeland Security

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Geographic Profiling

D. Kim Rossmo
December 28, 1999

As any police officer who has ever walked a beat or worked a crime scene knows, the street has its hot spots, patterns, and rhythms: drug dealers work their markets, prostitutes stroll their favorite corners, and burglars hit their favorite neighborhoods. But putting all the geographic information...

Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents: A Field Guide

Robert A. Jensen
November 18, 1999

Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents: A Field Guide presents in checklist form the recommended responses to events that result in mass fatalities, such as the Oklahoma City bombing, the crash of a jet airliner, or the attack on the World Trade Center. All cities in the United States will have to...

Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals

Roy A. Huber, A.M. Headrick
April 15, 1999

"Forensic document examination is the study of physical evidence and physical evidence cannot lie. Only its interpretation can err. Only the failure to find it, or to hear its true testimony can deprive it of its value."- Roy Huber, authorA definitive review of handwriting identification, this book...

Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity

British Medical Association
January 18, 1999

Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity traces the historical development of biological weapons and considers the role of health care professionals, scientists, governments, and international agencies in limiting and managing the effects of new biological weapons. In particular, the strengths and...

First Unit Responder: A Guide to Physical Evidence Collection for Patrol Officers

Mark R. Hawthorne
November 12, 1998

"Physical evidence cannot be wrong; it cannot perjure itself; it cannot be wholly absent. Only its interpretation can err. Only human failure to find it, study and understand it, can diminish its value."-Presiding Judge, Harris v U.S., 331 U.S. 145 (1947) HOW TO MAINTAIN THE INTEGRITY OF THE CRIME...

Transnational Criminal Organizations, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering: A Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers, Auditors, and Financial Investigators

James R. Richards
October 20, 1998

WRITTEN BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONAL FOR OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL IN THE TRENCHESThis book examines the workings of organized criminals and criminal groups that transcend national boundaries. Discussions include methods used by criminal groups to internationally launder money; law...

The Essential Pocket Book of Emergency Chemical Management

David R. Quigley
February 21, 1996

Save time - and maybe a life - with The Essential Pocket Book of Emergency Chemical Management. This detailed, no-nonsense guide contains all the information first responders need to quickly and effectively manage a chemical spill or leak. It efficiently presents information in an easy-to-use table...

Hazardous Materials Emergencies: The Professional Response Team

John R. Cashman
October 26, 1995

From the Introduction This book is mostly structured around first-person interviews with nationally and locally recognized experts who have been in hazardous materials response for a number of years. To aid networking, the addresses and telephone numbers of all persons interviewed are listed at the...

Emergency Response and Hazardous Chemical Management: Principles and Practices

Clyde B. Strong, T. Rick Irvin
October 01, 1995

Management of hazardous chemicals and materials-particularly during emergency release situations-is a critical part of routine training required for workers and professionals in the chemical, petroleum and manufacturing industries. Proper storage of highly reactive chemical agents, correct choice...

Hazardous Chemicals in the Polymer Industry

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
October 04, 1994

Provides accurate, up-to-date information on the hazardous properties of several hundred generic and specific polymeric additives used in elastomer and plastics processing operations, detailing the symproms of overexposure as well as resonsible packaging, shipping and emergency-response procedures....

Natural Disasters

David C. Alexander
July 29, 1993

As a well balanced and fully illustrated introductory text, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the physical, technological and social components of natural disaster. The main disaster-producing agents are reviewed systematically in terms of geophysical processes and effects, monitoring,...

First Responder's Guide to Agricultural Chemical Accidents

Charles R. Foden, Jack L. Weddell
October 19, 1992

First Responder's Guide to Agricultural Chemical Accidents provides emergency safety and health information for 452 toxic and hazardous products. These products, frequently used by pest exterminators and farmers, include those insecticides, pesticides, rodenticides, herbicides, and fertilizers...