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Navigating the NHS: Core Issues for Clinicians

Peter Lees
March 09, 1996

* What is NHS purchasing and where is it going? * What are the resource implications of shared care policies? * Why are casemix and clinical coding important in pricing contracts? * What should be the role of marketing in the NHS? * Where should a medical director's loyality lie? These are the sort...

Developing Care Pathways: The Handbook

Kathryn de Luc
February 16, 1996

The relationship between poverty and child health has always been assumed but this book demonstrates how the evidence of history and of other societies establishes a causal link. The practical implications in health and social policy are presented in the context of child care services, together...

Sports Psychology in Action

Richard Butler
January 31, 1996

Psychological preparation is now recognised as being of key importance in improving sports performance. This book describes performance profiling methods used by coaches and psychologists and exercises and assessments are presented in an accessiblestyle. Although based on practical experience, the...

Cross Name Index of Medicinal Plants, Volume III

Anthony R. Torkelson
December 27, 1995


Cross Name Index of Medicinal Plants, Volume II

Anthony R. Torkelson
December 27, 1995


Cross Name Index of Medicinal Plants, Volume I

Anthony R. Torkelson
December 27, 1995


The Cross Name Index to Medicinal Plants, Four Volume Set

Anthony R. Torkelson
December 01, 1995

Researchers of medicinal plants often find unfamiliar references to herbs when reading through ethnobotanical literature. Very often, they are familiar with the plant but not with the name used in a given context. This book eliminates the time-consuming task of further research by providing 28,000...

Sexual Health Promotion in General Practice

Hilary Curtis
September 27, 1995

Sexual Health Promotion in General Practice provides a menu of options and ideas to meet the wide variety of needs in both urban and rural practices and those serving populations with different prevalences of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. The book therefore reflects the strategy of The...

Futureproofing: If You Can Imagine it, it Will Happen, If You Can't - You're Out of it

Roy Lilley, Peter Cochrane
September 08, 1995

If you can imagine it it will happen...if you can't you're out of it! This book is a white-knuckle ride. It drills down into what we are doing now and comes up in the future to see what comes next. The book is a commentary and a clarion call and an invitation to see round corners and a clarion...

Marketing and Healthcare Organizations

Colin Gilligan, Robin Lowe
September 04, 1995

The need for a more conscious, focused and proactive approach to the management of health-care organizations has increased substantially. One consequence of this is that health-care managers are having to look at managerial approaches and techniques that previously were the province of the private...

A Career and Life Planning Guide for Women Survivors: MAKING THE CONNECTIONS WORKBOOK

Patricia Murphy
September 01, 1995

Abuse is so crippling that many who survive the trauma are never able to function again in the world as productive members of the work force-in whatever capacity. This workbook is dedicated to addressing this and many other issues.A Career and Life Planning Guide for Women Survivors provides real...

Beyond Difference

Al Condeluci
September 01, 1995

Difference is something that we all have known or felt. It is not necessarily cause for negative experiences, hostility, or rejection. However, when people assert that they feel different it is usually a statement that they feel bad, lonely, or isolated. Role expectation and role behavior can...