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The Clinical Directorate

Noel Austin, Sue Dopson
December 02, 1996

* A practical introduction to the business of management for doctors and managers at all levels * This simple guide provides easy-to-use tools and techniques * It explains jargon presents managerial tasks in context and provides managerial models...

Blocks and Freedoms in Sexual Life: A Handbook of Psychosexual Medicine

Ruth Skrine
December 01, 1996

Doctors increasingly recognize that sexual unhappiness has serious effects on the health of individuals and families. Sexual function depends on our bodies and our minds and sexual problems may present with physical symptoms. Using case histories the book describes the practice of psychosexual...

Caring for Hindu Patients

Diviash Thakrar, Rasamandala Das, Aziz Sheikh
November 30, 1996

This is a survey of health care needs for specific conditions, published on behalf of the Department of Health. This study considers questions such as the population's needs, the services available or unavailable to them, the effectiveness of these services, and other perspectives in disease and...

How Will They Know If I'm Dead?: Transcending Disability and Terminal Illness

Robert Horn
November 25, 1996

Most books on terminal illness focus on death and dying. This book is about neither. It doesn't deal with statistics or the medical aspects of a crippling disease, and it isn't written by a celebrity about their amazing recovery. This book is about a real person and a true hero.Bob Horn, an...

Who Should Run the Health Service?: Realignment and Reconstruction

Olusola Oni
October 31, 1996

This study examines management systems and their appropriateness to the National Health Service. The text considers the role of clinicians in management, recommending increased involvement by clinicians, and arguing that they must take on a greater management role in the reformed health service....

Teaching Palliative Care: A Practical Guide

David Jeffrey
September 13, 1996

Education of healthcare professionals is the cornerstone of specialist palliative services. This book is a practical toolbox of teaching techniques. Accessible, practical and easy to use it will encourage busy clinicians to teach by increasing their confidence in their training abilities. It...

Relating to the Relatives: Breaking Bad News, Communication and Support

Thurstan Brewin, Margaret Sparshott
August 31, 1996

This book is intended for all those who not only have to give bad news but who are also keen to give as much help and support as possible to partners and families - both immediately and during remission relapse terminal illness dying or grieving. Although it concentrates on the somewhat neglected...

Home Health Care: Principles and Practices

John Spratt
August 15, 1996

Twenty-nine practitioners combine their expertise to bring clarity to an issue that is at the forefront of discussion-home health care.The field is emerging and is growing faster than most professionals and their patients can keep up with. Here is a text in which the authors make every effort to...

Marketing and Retail Pharmacy

Colin Gilligan, Robin Lowe, Peter Cattee
July 01, 1996

Based on the authors' experiences of working with a wide variety of retail pharmacies, this book is designed to provide pharmacists with a clear understanding of the nature of marketing, and the ways it can contribute to the effective management of their business. It explains how marketing...

Total Purchasing: A Model for Locality Commissioning

Rod Smith, Fran Butler, Mike Powell
May 10, 1996

This text is based on the practical experience of pilot schemes which have identified a variety of opportunities and innovative ideas which others can adopt and develop. This book is a reference for principals and managers of fundholding practices, those thinking about becoming fundholders, and for...

Making Sense of Dental Practice Management

Raj Rattan, Kevin Lewis
April 01, 1996

Managing a dental practice has become increasingly complex in recent years, after changes within both the National Health Service and the private sector. Modern dental practice requires that dentists meet demanding business and management challenges as well as employing their clinical expertise....

Shared Care: A Model for Clinical Management

Peter Edwards, Jones Stephen, Dennis Shale, Mark Thursz
March 10, 1996

Using practical examples this book demonstrates how a theoretical model for shared care operates in practice to deliver improved health outcomes within limited resources. It shows how clinically-led initiatives can influence health care commissioning strategies and how the implementation of the...