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Herbs, Botanicals and Teas

1st Edition

B. Dave Oomah
June 07, 2000

Herbs, Botanicals and Teas presents the latest scientific and technical information on the chemical, pharmacological, epidemiological and clinical aspects of major herbal and tea products. Written by leading researchers contributing to the field, this is the first reference to provide in-depth...

Ginseng, the Genus Panax

1st Edition

William E Court
May 30, 2000

Panax Ginseng has been commonly used in indigenous medicine in the Far East for over 5,000 years. Its man-like appearance ensured that it was quickly accepted as a tonic maintaining the body in good health, inducing rejuvenation and retarding ageing. The vast output of modern research suggests uses...

Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Wellness for Women Over Fifty

1st Edition

Maria A. Fiatarone Singh
April 21, 2000

Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Wellness for Women Over Fifty is a comprehensive guide to the major wellness issues for women over fifty. The author is a physician who explores diet, exercise and lifestyle choices from a medical perspective. The book assists in the design and...

Tomorrow's Cures Today?: How to Reform the Health Research System

1st Edition

Donald R Forsdyke
April 17, 2000

Discussing the laws in the current research funding decision process, the author suggests ways to improve future funding of health research systems. Chapters recount ways of raising funds, the tragic way authorities improperly introduced diptheria immunization, consideration of how the peer review...

Listening to Music in Psychotherapy

1st Edition

Mary Butterton
April 01, 2000

This enlightening text promotes listening to music as a rewarding component in the psychotherapeutic consultation. Unlike other guides on the topic, this book encourages the choice of music to come from the patient, rather than being prescriibed by the therapist. The comprehensive approach...

Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas

1st Edition

B.S. Dhillon
March 29, 2000

Although Reliability Engineering can trace its roots back to World War II, its application to medical devices is relatively recent, and its treatment in the published literature has been quite limited. With the medical device industry among the fastest growing segments of the US economy, it is...

Nutrition and Exercise Immunology

1st Edition

David C. Nieman, Bente Klarlund Pedersen
March 29, 2000

Like an army of millions ready to defend its territory, the human immune system acts as the body's primary line of defense-a complex network of interacting cells that protects us from pathogens and other foreign substances. But many components of the immune system exhibit change after prolonged,...

Palliative Care: A Patient-Centered Approach

1st Edition

Geoff Mitchell
March 01, 2000

Series Editors: Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown and Thomas R Freeman As the population in western cultures ages, more people suffer chronic, ultimately life-limiting diseases and medical professionals need to be equipped to cope with the ever growing pressure of palliative care. This book gives...

Workplace Counselling in the NHS: Person-Centred Dialogues

1st Edition

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
January 01, 2000

This book has been written specifically to meet the needs of counsellors and trainers working with the National Health Service. It will also provide useful insights for doctors, nurses, and managers within the healthcare sector. The book covers topics such as, difference and diversity, colour,...

Supporting Postnatal Women into Motherhood: A Guide to Therapeutic Groupwork for Health Professionals

1st Edition

Lynn Bertram
January 01, 2000

This book will assist doctors pharmacists midwives and other health professionals in dealing with the issue of medicine use in pregnant and breastfeeding women. It gives practical guidance on the principles of safe and effective prescribing summarises the known effects of widely used drugs and...

Nursing Practice, Policy and Change

1st Edition

Marjorie Gott
January 01, 2000

Many drugs requiring intravenous infusion are used in situations where precise and rapid administration are essential. A simple miscalculation can easily lead to a massive error in dose administration with disastrous medical consequences. This is the living nightmare of every sleep deprived junior...

Occupational Low Back Pain: Aggressive Nonsurgical Care

1st Edition

Bryan Dale Kaplansky
December 28, 1999

Written by nonsurgeons, Occupational Low Back Pain: Aggressive Nonsurgical Care outlines the necessary steps to be taken from the time a worker is injured to the time that individual returns to his job. This important book takes you through all facets of diagnosis such as the physical exam,...