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Burnout in Families: The Systemic Costs of Caring

Charles R. Figley
December 29, 1997

Sleeplessness, depression, anxiety... these are common symptoms of the burnout that often accompanies living with a loved one who has experienced some kind of traumatic stress. It's well known that the loss of a child, a life-threatening injury, sexual assault or combat experience can affect the...

Nursing Older People: A Guide to Practice in Care Homes

Susan Carmody, Sue Forster
December 01, 1997

This text consists of eleven chapters concisely summarizing general adult psychiatry in the form of notes. It is primarily intended for junior hospital psychiatrists, general practitioners and medical students; however, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric social workers, psychiatric occupational...

Perilla: The Genus Perilla

He-ci Yu, Kenichi Kosuna, Megumi Haga
November 21, 1997

Perilla includes review articles describing the cultivation, traditional and modern applications, the chemical, pharmacological, medical and clinical studies of this plant and its active compounds. The cell culture of Perilla, the genetic control of the plant, and the isolation and structural...

Valerian: The Genus Valeriana

Peter Houghton
November 21, 1997

Valerian, is an up-to-date treatment of all aspects of this very important genus of plants, used in the traditional medicine of many parts of the world, particularly as a sedative. It includes material written by experts dealing with a variety of aspects including the ethnobotany, chemistry,...

Managed Care Quality: A Practical Guide

A. F. Al-Assaf, R. Robyn Assaf
October 23, 1997

Managed care organizations are paving the way to the future of health care delivery in the United States and countries around the world. As managed care systems evolve, a major concern is quality. Managed Care Quality: A Practical Guide is a collection of applications and experiences gathered from...

Nutrition in Exercise and Sport, Third Edition

Ira Wolinsky
October 22, 1997

The third edition of Nutrition in Exercise and Sport has been updated and expanded to include the latest developments in the field. This third edition of a bestseller among sports nutrition and health professionals now fully discusses the role of exercise and nutrition in both wellness and in...

Making Sense of Public Health Medicine

Jim Connelly, Chris Worth
October 22, 1997

This book presents an introduction to modern public health seen from the perspective of practitioners of public health medicine. Written for non-practitioners interested in public health and as an essential introduction for those considering a career in public health medicine, the book uses...

Sympton Relief in Palliative Care

Michael Levi
October 01, 1997

This is an updated guide to the range of drugs commonly unused in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. There have been many significant changes in drug treatment over the last few years, and "Basic Notes in Psychopharmacology" provides an overview of both new and old drugs, their mode of action,...

Specialist Outreach Clinics in General Practice

Martin Roland, Jonathan Shapiro
October 01, 1997

Other titles in the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre series: NPCRDC:What is the Future for a Primary Care-led NHS? NPCRDC: Primary Care: Understanding Health Need and Demand NPCRDC: Better Building for Better Services NPCRDC: Primary Care and Social Services: developing new...

Chaos And Complexity: Implications For Psychological Theory And Practice

Michael R. Butz
September 29, 1997

The nature of this book is to emphasize the inherent complexity and richness of the human experience of change. Now, the author believes there to be an acceptable "scientific" explanation for this phenomona. Explored here are 30 years of studies to describe nonlinear dynamics, today termed either...

Resource Management in Health and Social Care: Essential Checklists

William Bryans
September 01, 1997

Drawing on personal clinical experience in palliative care, and reflecting current preferred practice, Robert Twycross provides a framework that enables the clinician to develop a scientific approach to managing advanced cancer symptoms. This volume expands and develops the author's previous work...

Educational Psychology

L.S. Vygotsky
August 11, 1997

When this classic book was first published in 1926, L.S. Vygotsky was well on his way to becoming one of the leading intellectuals in Russia. His study of the psychology of education led him to believe that the child should be the main figure in the educational process - and the efforts of the...