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Work Worth Doing: Advances in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

January 01, 1991

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." This quote is not only the source from which the title was borne, but also the philosophical approach toward TBI rehabilitation embraced by the 26 rehabilitation...

Nurses and Nursing: Influencing Policy

Pippa Gough, Nicola Walsh
November 30, 1990

The role and responsibilities of nurses are changing enormously. This book explores ways in which nurses can be more involved in shaping the development of health policy. It explores the dynamic between policy formulation and policy implementation, and the nurses' role within this. It focuses on...

Rehabilitation Technology

Glenn E Hedman
November 21, 1990

This volume informs physical therapists, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation technologists about the devices that are available today and provides important background information on these devices. Nationally recognized leaders in rehabilitation technology service delivery share their...

Hormones and Vitamins in Cancer Treatment

Aurel Lupulescu
October 24, 1990

Hormones and Vitamins in Cancer Treatment is intended to serve as a therapeuticial guide for physicians using non-aggressive methods, such as hormonotherapy and vitamin therapy, when treating cancer patients. This book provides the rationale and scientific basis for hormones and vitamins, which...

Demystifying the Law: An Introduction for Professionals

Daniel A. Bronstein
August 27, 1990

Demystifying the Law: An Introduction for Professionals explains unfamiliar legal concepts in interesting contexts, thus helping you to understand and remember them. It illustrates legal principles using simple examples that anyone can understand.No single book can turn you into a lawyer, but this...

Rehabilitation Engineering

Raymond V. Smith, John H. Leslie, Jr.
July 03, 1990

The purpose of this handbook is to bring together information on the special devices and associated systems which have been developed to assist the handicapped in living and vocational pursuits and in clinical use. This unique work places emphasis on the devices and systems plus includes...

The TBI Annual Research Index

January 01, 1990

With survival rates increasing for persons sustaining head injuries, and the number of TBI programs exceeding 1000 nationwide, the need for access to information is more important than ever. This publication presents a compendium of bibliographic information available worldwide on head injury...

A Guide to Rehabilitation Testimony: The Expert's Role as an Educator

January 01, 1990

Anyone working in the rehabilitation arena these days is fully aware of the potential for litigation. Whether you are a counselor, life care planner, case manager, researcher, nurse, or technical expert, the chances of being called to give a deposition or make a courtroom appearance increase daily....

The Characteristics Of Aphasia

Chris Code
July 31, 1989

A survey of the main behavioural characteristics or symptoms of aphasia, which presents a series of essays on the history and current developments in this field of neuropsychological research. Contributors discuss recovery, rehabilitation and other contemporary issues....

Bed Number Ten

Sue Baier, Mary Zimmeth Schomaker
March 31, 1989

A patient's personal view of long term care.Seen through the eyes of a patient totally paralyzed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, this moving book takes you through the psychological and physical pain of an eleven month hospital stay. BED NUMBER TEN reads like a compelling novel, but is entirely...

Sexuality and Disability: A Guide for Everyday Practice

Elaine Cooper, John Guillebaud
March 01, 1989