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Progress in Nonhistone Protein Research: Volume II

I. Bekhor Isaac
December 13, 2017

The purpose of this text is to encourage research on nonhistones and to stimulate the imagination of other investigators whose future efforts might result in new discoveries as to the significance of these proteins....

Chemical Reagents for Protein Modification: Volume I

Roger L. Lundblad
December 13, 2017

The contents of this book are focused on the use of chemical modification to study the properties of proteins in solution. Particular emphasis has been placed on the practical laboratory aspects of this approach to the study of the relationship between structure and function in the complex class of...

Handbook of Tables for Probability and Statistics

William H. Beyer
December 12, 2017

Practicing statisticians and scientists working in diverse fields need an authoritative reference handbook of statistical tables developed to "aid" in the investigation and solution of many of today's challenging problems. This book has been compiled and arranged to meet the needs of these users of...

Structure and Biological Functions of Histones

L.S. Hnilica
December 12, 2017

This book endeavours to present an analysis of the current knowledge of the structure properties and possible functions of histones. The broad scope of this topic prevents the discussion of certain individual aspects in any detail. For this purpose, some of the more specialised review articles...

Progress In Nonhistone Protein Research: Volume III

I. Bekhor
December 12, 2017

As a follow-up to Volumes I and II in this series, in this volume the authors attempt to provide an update into the current research in NHCP with the hope that these articles may foster a more analytical elucidation of the role of these proteins in gene expression....

The Legacy of Edith Kramer: A Multifaceted View

Lani Gerity, Susan Ainlay Anand
December 11, 2017

The Legacy of Edith Kramer presents a unique exploration into the life and work of the groundbreaking artist and art therapist. This edited volume examines the artist’s personal and cultural history prior to relocating to the United States as well as the later years when she worked as an artist,...

Understanding Healthcare Economics: Managing Your Career in an Evolving Healthcare System, Second Edition

Jeanne Wendel, PHD, Teresa D. Serratt, PHD, RN, William O'Donohue, PHD
December 11, 2017

Healthcare economics is a topic of increasing importance due to the substantial changes that are expected to radically alter the way Americans obtain and finance healthcare. Understanding Healthcare Economics, 2nd Edition provides an evidence-based framework to help practitioners comprehend the...

The 2 x 4 Model: A Neuroscience-Based Blueprint for the Modern Integrated Addiction and Mental Health Treatment System

Robert Andrew Chambers
December 08, 2017

Over a quarter century of studies have shown that addictions, mental illnesses, and their combinations (dual diagnoses) are pervasive in the general population. Meanwhile, emerging neuroscience is revealing that the neurodevelopmental basis of major mental illness and addiction diseases are tightly...

Biochemistry of Women: Clinical Concepts

A.S Curry
December 08, 2017

This book concerns the clinical chemistry of women � from conception to the grave. It concerns their medical problems and the laboratories� role in elucidating these and in monitoring treatment. The book represents the current �state of the art� and although in many areas there are sometimes widely...

Actions of Prolactin On Molecular Processes

James A. Rillema
December 08, 2017

It is well established tht the intial interaction of prolactin with its target cells is with specific receptor molecules located on the external surface of the plasma membrane. Subsequent to the prolactin-receptor interaction, however, the molecular events that culminate in the regulation of...

Protein/Peptide Sequence Analysis: Current Methodologies

A.S. Bhown
December 08, 2017

This book is an attempt to provide in a single source current state-of-the-art methodologies for protein sequence analysis. It is hoped that these various chapters are presented in such a way that both the newcomer and the established protein chemist will find useful information and directions to...

Steroid Biochemistry: Volume II

R. Hobkirk
December 08, 2017

An attempt has been made to attract contributions which illustrate the importance of certain enzymatic processes involved in steroid biosynthesis and metabolism and, in some cases, leading to steroidal action in target sites. Investigators actively engaged in research in such areas were invited to...