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The Textbook of Total Quality in Healthcare

1st Edition

A. F. Al-Assaf, June Schmele
September 01, 1993

Until now, no textbook on TQ has emerged that was written specifically for the healthcare industry. The Textbook of TQ in Healthcare is the first true text prepared by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. It provides a discussion of the tools, techniques and principles of TQ....

Alcohol Disabilities Primer: A Guide to Physical and Psychosocial Disabilities Caused by Alcohol Use

1st Edition

Bozena-Eva Robertson
July 23, 1993

This book offers supporting evidence for these staggering statistics and addresses the topics most important to you and your patients or clients. Alcohol Disabilities Primer is a leading-edge book that provides a comprehensive description of the debilitating consequences of alcohol use that either...

Nursing: Its Hidden Agendas

1st Edition

Maya Jolley, Gosia Brykczynska
July 15, 1993

Nursing: Its Hidden Agendas traces the origins of attitudes and behaviours, their historical, psycho-social and professional backgrounds, their cross-generational transmission and their cause and effect. These hidden agendas can seriously damage progress and change in the nursing profession and...

The Guidebook for Patient Counseling

1st Edition

Tracey S. Hunter, Harvey M. Rappaport, Joseph F. Roy, Kelly S. Straker
July 01, 1993

A practical guide to the professional and legal requirements for patient counseling, this book provides readers with the skills they need to be in compliance. The authors explore how a patient's attitude and behavior effect compliance, the pharmacist-patient relationship, and liability implications...

Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids for Sports and Exercise

1st Edition

Luke R. Bucci
February 22, 1993

Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids for Sports and Exercise discusses the growing body of information regarding the enhancement of human physical performance by dietary manipulations through ergogenesis. It balances the application of nutritional manipulations between overzealous promoters and recalcitrant...

Exercise and Disease

1st Edition

Marianne Eisinger
July 27, 1992

Exercise and Disease reviews the role of exercise and physical fitness in the prevention or causation of cancer. Relevant mechanistic studies, particularly immunomodulation, are emphasized. The book also interprets effects of long-term exercise on immune functions and data that shows how exercise...

Quality in General Practice

1st Edition

Katherine Birch, Steve Field, Ellie Scrivens
November 01, 1991

This book provides practical examples of the breadth of quality and performance management programmes in primary care. It is intended to complement and reinforce the department of health's drive to improve quality. The book discusses the key issues of quality review and performance assessment....

The Medicinal Plant Industry

1st Edition

R. O. B. Wijesekera
September 17, 1991

As the medicinal plant industry blooms into a billion dollar business, it reaches beyond collection, propagation, harvesting and sale of crude vegetal drugs into product formulation, packaging and dispensing of sophisticated phyto-pharmaceuticals and herbal preparations. The scientific study of...

Effect of Cancer On Quality of Life

1st Edition

David Osoba
July 01, 1991

This book is comprised of extensive reviews and instructional chapters that discuss the quality of life in several aspects of cancer. The first six chapters deal with conceptual issues relating to measuring quality of life in adult and pediatric populations with cancer. The next five chapters...

Work Worth Doing: Advances in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

1st Edition

January 01, 1991

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." This quote is not only the source from which the title was borne, but also the philosophical approach toward TBI rehabilitation embraced by the 26 rehabilitation...