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Pharmacy Finance and Management: Your Questions Answered

1st Edition

Dr Terry Maguire
February 01, 1995

This book is useful for any pharmacists, who need a readily available source of advice. It is set out in sections and each section bringing together the questions that relate to one aspect of the finance or management of community pharmacy....

Interdependence: The Route to Community, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Al Condeluci
January 01, 1995

Driven from a values base, Interdependence: The Route to Community is a service system framework that interprets a new approach for the ways in which people relate and the ways our society addresses social issues. Recognizing the limitations of the medical/expert approach, the book offers a new...

Telematics for Health: The Role of Telehealth and Telemedicine in Homes and Communities

1st Edition

Marjorie Gott
December 01, 1994

Electronic communications are already revolutionizing the delivery of health care in homes and communities. The medium will have increasing impact on the delivery of health care in response to the pressure to use limited resources cost-effectively. To date much of telematics in health care has...

Priority Setting Processes for Healthcare: In Oregon, USA; New Zealand; the Netherlands; Sweden; and the United Kingdom

1st Edition

Frank Honigsbaum
October 31, 1994

In the face of the relentless rise in health costs, many countries have had to set priorities so that maximum benefit can be made of unlimited funds. This book shares the experience of those which have taken a lead in this field, and draws on models being developed in Oregon, New Zealand, The...

Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

1st Edition

Luke R. Bucci
October 25, 1994

This timely and exciting new book brings together for the first time the readily available choices of dietary supplements and their relationship to injury rehabilitation. Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine supports the rational use of specific nutrients for specific...

Handbook of Arabian Medicinal Plants

1st Edition

Shahina A. Ghazanfar
August 24, 1994

The Handbook of Arabian Medicinal Plants is the first illustrated reference on the uses of plants in the Arabian Peninsula. It documents and preserves the existing knowledge in a region where social patterns are rapidly changing. The book emphasizes the need for preserving social and cultural...

The Practice Manager

3rd Edition

Michael Drury
July 18, 1994

As soon as this book first appeared in 1990 it became the standard text for the new generation of practice managers with responsibility for implementing many of the radical changes taking place in general practice. It required reprinting several times to satisfy demand and has since undergone two...

Human Error in Medicine

1st Edition

Marilyn Sue Bogner
July 01, 1994

This edited collection of articles addresses aspects of medical care in which human error is associated with unanticipated adverse outcomes. For the purposes of this book, human error encompasses mismanagement of medical care due to: * inadequacies or ambiguity in the design of a medical device or...

Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary

1st Edition

James A. Duke, Rodolfo Vasquez
April 11, 1994

The Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary presents an exciting new rainforest book, designed and conceived in the rainforest and dedicated to its preservation.The book contains concise accounts of the various uses to which prominent Amazonian plants are put by the local rainforest inhabitants....

Nutrition in the 90's: Current Controversies and Analysis--Volume 2

1st Edition

March 08, 1994

This work analyzes current issues and controversies in nutrition and health. It covers topics such as: diet and breast cancer; complex carbohydrates and health; the genetics of cardiovascular diseases; the role of low-fat diets and exercise in weight loss; the benefits of exercise for older adults...

Health Care Book of Lists

1st Edition

January 01, 1994

This text is perhaps the single most powerful reference you can have on the shelf or your desk. The explosion of health statistics and the demand for information is increasing daily. Right now, more than ever, there is an unprecedented interest in accountability. Regulators, consumer groups,...

Dictionary of Natural Products

1st Edition

John Buckingham
December 02, 1993

The Dictionary of Natural Products is the only comprehensive source of chemical data on natural products. It provides the busy scientist with fast access to chemical, physical, bibliographic, and structural data on over 139,000 natural products organized into more than 43,000 -virtually every...