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Medical Evidence

1st Edition

Roger Clements, Neville Davis, Roy Palmer, Raina Patel
April 01, 2001

Most doctors at some stage in their career need to give evidence, either as defendants, witnesses or medical experts. The authors, all experienced in different areas of medico-legal practice, explain the relationship between the doctor and the law, highlighting the pitfalls of giving evidence and...

Ethics in General Practice: A Practical Handbook for Personal Development

1st Edition

Anne Orme-Smith, John Spicer
March 31, 2001

A working understanding of medical ethics is becoming ever more important to all practising doctors. There are many ethical issues which present, often unexpectedly, to healthcare professionals which can seem impossible to resolve. This is an introductory text for everyday general practice. Key...

Detecting Malingering and Deception: Forensic Distortion Analysis, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Harold V. Hall, Harold V. Hall, Joseph Poirier, Joseph Poirier
November 28, 2000

NOMINATED FOR THE MANFRED S. GUTTMACHER AWARD BY THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATIONAlthough advances in clinical/forensic theory and technology continue to elucidate our understanding of deception analysis, the current state of the art is crude in most applications. With new interviewing...

Ethical Reasoning in the Mental Health Professions

1st Edition

Gary G. Ford
September 19, 2000

The ability to reason ethically is an extraordinarily important aspect of professionalism in any field. Indeed, the greatest challenge in ethical professional practice involves resolving the conflict that arises when the professional is required to choose between two competing ethical principles....

Clinical Negligence in General Practice

1st Edition

Michael Drury
June 30, 2000

This, the second edition of a text which aims to assist in the identification of skin lesions, contains extra text, algorithms and colour illustrations. Topics overed include erythematous and non-erythematous rashes and lesions on the face, trunk and limbs....

The Health Care Provider's Guide to Facing the Malpractice Deposition

1st Edition

Constance G. Uribe, M.D.
November 22, 1999

An anesthesiologist chips a patient's tooth during a difficult intubation. A surgeon leaves tiny abrasions on a patient's abdomen during a delicate surgical procedure. And an operating room nurse accidentally nips a patient's finger with a pair of scissors.Not all of these examples of medical...

Medical Ethics and the Elderly: practical guide

1st Edition

Gurcharan S Rai
March 25, 1999

This concise, introductory handbook discusses the basic principles of medical ethics, and includes practical, realistic guidance on how to evaluate and manage common ethical problems, focusing on the care of elderly patients Typical scenarios faced in clinical practice, such as issues of mental...

Expert Witnessing: Explaining and Understanding Science

1st Edition

Carl Meyer
December 29, 1998

Communication problems between science and the courts are widely deplored and sometimes exploited by a variety of groups. The U.S. Supreme Court has twice tightened the law of evidence to control the flow of information, but amazingly little has been written to analyze the nature of the problem and...

Clinical Guidelines and the Law: Negligence, Discretion, and Judgement

1st Edition

Brian Hurwitz
February 01, 1998

Guidelines are powerful instruments of assistance to clinicians, capable of extending the clinical roles of nurses and pharmacists. Purchasers and managers perceive them as technological tools guaranteeing treatment quality. Guidelines also offer mechanisms by which doctors and other health care...

Managed Care Quality: A Practical Guide

1st Edition

A. F. Al-Assaf, R. Robyn Assaf
October 23, 1997

Managed care organizations are paving the way to the future of health care delivery in the United States and countries around the world. As managed care systems evolve, a major concern is quality. Managed Care Quality: A Practical Guide is a collection of applications and experiences gathered from...

Who Owns Our Bodies?: Making Moral Choices in Health Care

1st Edition

John Spiers, Ray Robinson
January 31, 1997

This book explores the controversial dilemmas which meet at the intersection of medicine philosphy and law - questions concerning killing and not killing which are faced daily in health care. They embrace euthanasia abortion the care of the elderly and the demented the care of the mentally ill...

Health Care Book of Lists

1st Edition

January 01, 1994

This text is perhaps the single most powerful reference you can have on the shelf or your desk. The explosion of health statistics and the demand for information is increasing daily. Right now, more than ever, there is an unprecedented interest in accountability. Regulators, consumer groups,...