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The Handbook of Forensic Learning Disabilities

1st Edition

Tim Riding, Caron Swann, Bob Swann
March 01, 2005

This comprehensive and practical guide helps professionals and staff within hospitals change the way they collect record store and use clinical information about patients. It illustrates how clinical governance and evidence-based practice can be easily addressed by modernising clinical information...

Medicine for Lawyers

1st Edition

Diana Wetherill, Roy Palmer
February 25, 2005

Winner of the 2005 Society of Authors Minty Prize for the best medico-legal book, sponsored by the Medico-Legal Society.Devised especially for lawyers, rather than clinicians, this book explains medical concepts and considers medical risks associated with current practice.Written by recognised...

Medical Ethics And Law: An Introduction

1st Edition

Victoria Tippett
October 15, 2004

This book is to help you understand the main ethical and legal details you need to know in order to practice medicine safely and well. Medical ethics is an inherently fascinating subject, and throws up new issues every day. Good ethical thinking requires practice and application and there are...

Child Care Law for Health Professionals

1st Edition

Judith Hendrick
June 01, 2004

'Across Canada efforts have been made to introduce information technology solutions into the health care sector for the past two decades. As with any journey the maps and journals are only produced at the end of the adventure. With this book Dr Shaw has provided a road map that will help guide...

Consent in Clinical Practice

1st Edition

Margaret Mayberry, John Mayberry
May 31, 2003

This is a practical guide to successfully achieving a fully computerised system in primary care. It shows how to source a primary care clinical system that does what you need it to do and how to use it effectively. The book is easy to read with numerous examples and copies of useful documents...

Dental Law and Ethics

1st Edition

Paul Lambden
May 31, 2003

This is an invaluable book for practitioners and students alike. It is written by a wide range of distinguished contributors who have expertise in all aspects of dental practice. Readable and authoritative, subjects range from confidentiality, consent, mental disabilities and negligence, and the...

Communication for Doctors: How to Improve Patient Care and Minimize Legal Risks

1st Edition

David Woods
January 01, 2003

What Makes a Good Health Care System? examines the various assumptions that underpin the different views of what makes a good health care system. The national systems in the UK, Australia and Canada are thoroughly examined. Each country has a different view of what a good health care system is...

Protecting Patients' Rights: A Comparative Study of the Ombudsman in Healthcare

1st Edition

Peter Tate
November 01, 2002

A key text for doctors, this revised, expanded and updated edition now includes a section on understanding one's own attitudes and empathy, and greatly enhanced material on communication strategies and skills. The text is also suitable for candidates preparing for the MRCGP examination....

Science and Litigation: Products Liability in Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Terrence F. Kiely
April 29, 2002

The question "what is science" has been one of the most vigorously contested legal questions as to what is legally acceptable scientific foundation for the submission of expert opinion in a wide variety of cases, especially in products liability cases. The answer usually lies in the outcomes of...

Medical Evidence

1st Edition

Roger Clements, Neville Davis, Roy Palmer, Raina Patel
April 01, 2001

Most doctors at some stage in their career need to give evidence, either as defendants, witnesses or medical experts. The authors, all experienced in different areas of medico-legal practice, explain the relationship between the doctor and the law, highlighting the pitfalls of giving evidence and...

Ethics in General Practice: A Practical Handbook for Personal Development

1st Edition

Anne Orme-Smith, John Spicer
March 31, 2001

A working understanding of medical ethics is becoming ever more important to all practising doctors. There are many ethical issues which present, often unexpectedly, to healthcare professionals which can seem impossible to resolve. This is an introductory text for everyday general practice. Key...

Detecting Malingering and Deception: Forensic Distortion Analysis, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Harold V. Hall, Harold V. Hall, Joseph Poirier, Joseph Poirier
November 28, 2000

NOMINATED FOR THE MANFRED S. GUTTMACHER AWARD BY THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATIONAlthough advances in clinical/forensic theory and technology continue to elucidate our understanding of deception analysis, the current state of the art is crude in most applications. With new interviewing...