General Management

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Marketing and Healthcare Organizations

1st Edition

Colin Gilligan, Robin Lowe
September 04, 1995

The need for a more conscious, focused and proactive approach to the management of health-care organizations has increased substantially. One consequence of this is that health-care managers are having to look at managerial approaches and techniques that previously were the province of the private...

Priority Setting in Action: Purchasing Dilemmas

1st Edition

Frank Honigsbaum, John Richards, Chris Ham
June 21, 1995

The power of purchasers exposes the weaknesses of conventional thinking on the costs and benefits of priorities. Health policy analysts now have to develop rational criteria to support decisions in a process which may be inherently intuitive. This authoritative and practical text points the way...

Releasing Resources to Achieve Health Gain

1st Edition

Christopher Riley, Morton Warner, Amanda Pullen
March 08, 1995

In every developed country, health care managers, clinicians, purchasers and providers are having to extract greater output from cash-limited resources. This book reviews a wide range of areas of current concern together with the practical experience of those responsible for improvement and change....

Health Care Needs Assessment: The Epidemiologically Based Needs Assessment Review

1st Edition

Andrew Stevens, James Raferty
January 01, 1960

In the past 10 years spirituality and spiritual care have been much debated in professional healthcare literature, highlighting the need for a recognised definition of spiritual care to enable appropriate assessment of, and response to, spiritual issues. This accessible and highly relevant book...

Managed Care: Practice and Progress

1st Edition

Michael Drury, Merrill Whalen
January 01, 1960

This book examines the principal methods by which managed care in the USA operates and considers its relevance to the embryonic National Health Service 'internal market'. It provides a greater focus to observations about US health care, management and techniques....

What is the Future for a Primary Care-Led NHS?

1st Edition

Robert Boyd
January 01, 1960

Tax planning can lead to considerable efficiencies, but few GPs have been trained as businessmen. This book in "The Business Side of General Practice" series, provides a guide to the regulations, identifies the pitfalls and opportunities and shows how to maximize the income retained by the practice...

Making Choices for Healthcare

1st Edition

Frank Honigsbaum, Stefan Holmstrom, Johann Calltorp
January 01, 1960

This book is based on the seminar held over two days at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham. It discusses how countries, namely Oregon, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom find ways of setting priorities in health care....