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Perinatal Loss: A Handbook for Working with Women and Their Families

1st Edition

Sheila Broderick, Ruth Cochrane
December 21, 2012

The death of a baby is one of the most painful experiences anyone can imagine. This practical, compassionate text guides professionals in providing the best possible care through the physical and emotional pain of a pregnancy loss from early miscarriage to neonatal death, enabling patients and...

Midwives Coping with Loss and Grief: Stillbirth, Professional and Personal Losses

1st Edition

Doreen Kenworthy, Mavis Kirkham
April 01, 2011

The experience of stillbirth and other losses in pregnancy at what is usually a time of great joy is tragic for everyone involved, including midwifery professionals. Although research increasingly shows how profound the effects of loss can be, few studies have explored the effects of pregnancy loss...

Dignity in Healthcare: A Practical Approach for Nurses and Midwives

1st Edition

Milika Ruth Matiti, Lesley Bailey
February 22, 2011

Dignity in the care of patients and clients of all ages, whether in hospital or community settings, is an area of increasing national and international importance and concern. However, a comprehensive, accessible resource for nurses and midwives on the theory and practice of dignity in care has...

Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Midwifery Practice: CSA, Birth and Powerlessness

1st Edition

Lis Garratt
November 25, 2010

Many midwives will care for women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), whether these women disclose this or not. Pregnant and birthing women commonly experience their bodies becoming 'public property', a variety of sometimes intimate medical procedures, and limited choices on where...

Choice, Control and Contemporary Childbirth: Understanding Through Women's Stories

1st Edition

Julie Jomeen, Lura L. Pethtel
September 25, 2010

Current maternity policy advocates choice and control for women in maternity care, and promotes women as active childbirth consumers and decision-makers. However, evidence that women receive true choice within contemporary maternity services is lacking, and continued and pervasive barriers to...

Breastfeeding: Contemporary Issues in Practice and Policy

1st Edition

Janet Dalzell, Elizabeth Rogerson
July 25, 2010

In recent decades, global healthcare professionals and organisations have formed a wide, evidence-based consensus that breastfeeding is usually the best option for both mother and baby. However, women and professionals alike often face a sea of shifting attitudes and values, and complex social,...

Tensions and Barriers in Improving Maternity Care: The Story of a Birth Centre

1st Edition

Ruth Deery, Deborah Hughes, Mavis Kirkham
June 25, 2010

We have written this book because the story it tells warrants a wide audience. We see the purpose of this book as informing discussion and decision-making around reconfigurations of maternity care, so that planning, communication, management and recruitment can be improved and shared vision...

Care of the Newborn by Ten Teachers

1st Edition

Hilary Lumsden, Debbie Holmes
January 29, 2010

Caring for the well newborn is an essential element of everyday midwifery practice. Providing a comprehensive guide to the problems associated with newborn babies, Care of the Newborn by Ten Teachers is a key textbook for trainee midwives. The ten teachers involved in writing this book...

Women-Centered Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth

1st Edition

Sara Shields, Lucy Candib
January 25, 2010

A woman-centered approach to pregnancy must be flexible enough to address the variety of women's experiences around the world, encompassing medical conditions, cultures and family structures. It must also include women who choose not to carry a pregnancy or experience a miscarriage. This unique...

Medical Conditions Affecting Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Handbook for Midwives

1st Edition

Judy Bothamley, Maureen Boyle, Diane Plamping
March 25, 2009

Midwives are encountering more and more women whose pregnancies are complicated by medical conditions. The number of women with cardiac disease becoming pregnant is growing each year, obesity, older age and the complex health problems of women born outside the United Kingdom have also been...

Mourning Sarah

1st Edition

Theresa Huttlinger-Vigour
May 15, 2008

‘In this astonishing read, we follow Vigour's journey into darkness and loss, a gripping pilgrimage that leads to eventual knowledge and empowerment. This lucid book should be required reading for any woman headed to the maternity ward. This unforgettable book reveals what would have happened to my...

Evidence-Based Care for Midwives: Clinical Effectiveness Made Easy

1st Edition

Donna Brayford, Ruth Chambers, Elizabeth Boath, David Rogers
February 21, 2008

This highly practical book is written specifically for midwives, having been developed from the best-selling "Clinical Effectiveness and Clinical Governance Made Easy, Fourth Edition". Requiring no prior knowledge, it provides a straightforward guide to the topics of clinical effectiveness and...