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Herbal Treatment of Major Depression: Scientific Basis and Practical Use

1st Edition

Scott D Mendelson
November 01, 2019

This unique volume presents new understandings of the neurochemical nature of major depression, and how herbs and their constituent flavonoids and terpenes appear to address some of the mechanisms now thought to be involved. It explores how recent studies of the rapid antidepressant effects of...

Anti-Infective Potential of Essential Oils

1st Edition

Mila Emerald
October 30, 2019

Due to their chemical composition, essential oils possess effective antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral properties; these traits are one of the many reasons why essential oils are currently being utilized for biological consumption. Anti-Infective Potential of Essential Oils explores these...

Making Sense of the ECG: A Hands-On Guide

5th Edition

Andrew Houghton
October 17, 2019

Interpreting an ECG correctly and working out what to do next can seem like a daunting task to the non-specialist, yet it is a skill that will be invaluable to any doctor, nurse or paramedic when evaluating the condition of a patient. Making Sense of the ECG has been written specifically with this...

Cannabis as Medicine

1st Edition

Betty Wedman-St.Louis
October 08, 2019

For hundreds of years cannabis has been used as a therapeutic medicine around the world. Cannabis was an accepted medicine during the second half of the 19th century, but its use declined because single agent pain medications were advocated by physicians who demanded standardization of medicines....

Immunobiology Of Natural Killer Cells: Volume 2

1st Edition

Eva Lotzova, Ronald B. Herberman
September 27, 2019

First published in 1986: This book contributes to the advancing knowledge of reads in the field of NK cells, and will be helpful as a teaching device....

Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge for the Modern Era: A Natural and Applied Science Perspective

1st Edition

David R. Katerere, Wendy Applequist, Oluwaseyi M. Aboyade, Chamunorwa Togo
September 23, 2019

While there is talk of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, old and new challenges bedevil the world – climate change, nutrition, and health poverty being at the top of the list. In seeking solutions to these and other problems which afflict the modern era, it is worthwhile to look into our collective...

Everyday Technologies in Healthcare

1st Edition

Christopher M. Hayre, Dave Muller, Marcia Scherer
September 12, 2019

This book examines the role of everyday technology throughout the life cycle in order to demonstrate the wide acceptance and impact of everyday technology and how it is facilitating both practitioners and patients in contemporary practices. In response, then, this text speaks to a number of...

Cumulative Series Index for CRC Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: 3rd Edition

1st Edition

Gerald D. Fasman
September 09, 2019

First Published in 1977, this book serves as a directory for the handbook of biochemistry and molecular biology....

Medicinal Plants: Culture, Utilization and Phytopharmacology

1st Edition

Thomas S. C. Li
September 05, 2019

Medicinal Plants: Culture, Utilization and Phytopharmacology covers over 400 species. Each chapter gathers valuable information from a wide variety of sources, and supplies it to the user in convenient table format, arranged alphabetically by scientific name, followed by the common name. Data...

Ethnopharmacology and Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants

1st Edition

Jayanta Kumar Patra, Gitishree Das, Sanjeet Kumar, Hrudayanath Thatoi
August 27, 2019

Ethnopharmacology and Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants provides a multitude of contemporary views on the diversity of medicinal plants, discussing both their traditional uses and therapeutic claims. This book emphasizes the importance of cataloging ethnomedical information as well as examining and...

Bryophyte Development: Physiology and Biochemistry

1st Edition

R. N. Chopra, Satish C. Bhatla
August 27, 2019

Published in 1990: With the accumulation of knowledge in the newer areas of investigations and the increasing degree of specialization, the most satisfactory way of bringing together authentic information in one volume is to invite the specialists in each area to contribute....

Regulation of Immune Response Dynamics: Volume 1

1st Edition

Charles DeLisi, Jacques R.J. Hiernaux
August 27, 2019

First published in 1982: This book has been divided into two volumes; the first focusing primarily on auto-anti-idiotic regulation, and the second primarily on T cell regulation....