Witchcraft and the Supernatural

We are delighted to introduce a new collection which brings together a number of fascinating chapters from some of our leading books on witchcraft and the supernatural. This will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Early Modern period, witch-hunting, supernatural phenomena, folklore, and superstition.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Julian Goodare)

Chapter 1 - Witchcraft!
from The European Witch-Hunt by Julian Goodare

Chapter 2 - Ghosts and Goblins
from The Supernatural in Tudor and Stuart England by Darren Oldridge

Chapter 3 - The chronology and geography of witch-hunting
from The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe by Brian P. Levack

Chapter 4 - Angels on a Pinhead
from Strange Histories by Darren Oldridge

Chapter 5 - Hags on Film: Contemporary Echoes of the Early Modern Wicked Witch
from Crafting the Witch by Heidi Breuer


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