Shortlisted Titles for the 2018 TWS Wildlife Publication Award

"CRC Press is pleased to annouce that six out of ten titles for the TWS Wildlife Publication Award have been shortlisted for Authored and Edited Book categories."


Here are the six CRC Press titles that have been shortlisted in each category:

Authored Book
• Animal Movement: Statistical Models for Telemetry Data, by Mevin B. Hooten, Devin S. Johnson, Brett T. McClintock, and Juan M. Morales (CRC Press)
• Urban Wildlife Management, by Clark E. Adams (CRC Press)
• Wildlife Habitat Management: Concepts and Applications in Forestry, by Brenda C. McComb (CRC Press)

Edited Book
• Carrion Ecology, Evolution, and Their Applications, edited by M. Eric Benbow, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, and Aaron M. Tarone (CRC Press)
• Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens, edited by David A. Haukos and Clint W. Boal (CRC Press)
• Ecology and Management of Blackbirds (Icteridae) in North America, edited by George M. Linz, Michael L. Avery, and Richard A. Dolbeer (CRC Press)


Randy Brehm

Senior Editor

Plant & Animal Ecology

Wildlife Science

Chuck Crumly


, , ,

Virology, Systematics and Evolution

Alice Oven

Senior Editor - Life Science and Veterinary Medicine

This is the first major shortlist for all titles, except for Urban Wildlife Management, by Clark Adams, which has been previously nominated for this award and is a Choice Outstanding Academic Title. He is receiving this honor posthumously.
Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens is a part of the highly renowned series Studies in Avian Biology, in collaboration and on behalf of the American Ornithological Society. Another volume from the Studies in Avian Biology, Golden-winged Warbler  Ecology, 2017 TWS Publication Award for an Edited Book. 
*CRC Press, Taylor & Francis is not associated with or sponsored by the Wildlife Society.
"Congratulations Authors and Editors!"

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