Special Report: At the Forefront of Food Processing

Any food scientist, engineer, or executive hungry to be at the forefront of food processing should be well versed in the latest innovations in food engineering and technology. CRC Press makes it easy to stay on trend by serving up the latest food processing books and references written by today's industry leaders.

These seminal works cover critical topics at the cutting edge of food processing, from cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly processes to Ohmic heating, microbial assessment, and postharvest technology.

Beginners and experts alike will benefit from a deeper understanding of food processing fundamentals—as well as new perspectives on chromatography, nutraceuticals, and the therapeutic use of metals—courtesy of these tomes.

Dig in to the microstructural properties of foods, sensory characterization and consumer profiling, and advanced processes for food safety and quality assessment with these hearty servings of essential food processing knowledge.

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