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We've pulled together a selection of chapters from some of our top resources for Higher Education Professionals. Download now to instantly read the chapters included, but also be sure to click through and learn more about each title. Each of the following chapters we've chosen to include is just a small sample of the kind of information you can find in these books:

1. Higher Education by Design: Best Practicesfor Curricular Planning and Instruction, 1st Edition by Bruce M. Mackh, Chapter 11: "Becoming the Educator You Want to Be"

2. Teaching Online: A Practical Guide, 4th Edition by Susan Ko and Steve Rossen, Chapter 6: "Building an Online Classroom"

3. Teaching with a Global Perspective: Practical Strategies from Course Design to Assessment, 1st Edition by Dawn Bikowski and Talinn Phillips, Chapter 3: "Communicating Within and Across Cultural Boundaries"

4. A Guide to Faculty-Led Study Abroad: How to Create a Transformative Experience, 1st Edition by Lydia M. Andrade, Scott Dittloff and Lopita Nath, Chapter 1: "Teaching Study Abroad"

5. Academics Going Public: How to Write and Speak Beyond Academe, 1st Edition edited by Marybeth Gasman, Chapter 5: "Using Social Media to Promote Scholarship: Amplify, Magnify, Clarify"

6. How to Get Tenure: Strategies for Successfully Navigating the Process, 1st Edition by Michael S. Harris, Chapter 1: "What is Tenure?"

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