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Medieval Studies from Routledge

Showcasing new and recent Medieval Studies books, we are pleased to offer you this FREE chapter sampler. It includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction, from: Introduction to Medieval Europe 300-1500 by Wim Blockmans and Peter Hoppenbrouwers 
  2. Chapter 1: Why study this period?  from: Early Medieval Europe 300–1050 by David Rollason
  3. Introduction: History means more when it comes with a name, from: Medieval Lives c. 1000-1292 by Amy Livingstone
  4. Chapter 6: Filling the vacuum of power, 1950-1100, from: A History of the Muslim World to 1750 by Vernon O. Egger
  5. Conclusion: Pulling back the curtain, from: Portraits of Medieval Eastern Europe, 900–1400 edited by Donald Ostrowski and Christian Raffensperger

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