Creativity for STEM Students

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It is critical for students in STEM to develop their creative skills, to create new ideas, to be innovative and entrepreneurial. STEM students need to develop the ability to go beyond facts and to develop creativity that will enable them to push ahead in their careers and to enable STEM to move forward.

This Freebook brings together chapters exploring these themes from titles across our range.

Chapter 1 Lessons from the Past, looks at how we can learn from the Renaissance to drive STEM forward today.
Chapter 2  Entrepreneurship and Innovation takes a closer look at key considerations for entrepreneurs in creating new businesses.
Chapter 3 Creativity, Invention and Innovation provides historical context for these themes and provides an understanding of how they fit into the designed world.
Chapter 4 Three Neglected Skills teaches students key skills in listening, reading and seeing; demonstrating how well developed communication skills aid those working in STEM.
Chapter 5 Taken from David Bohm's classic book, On Creativity, this chapter looks at the deeper questions that underlie the relationship between science and art.
Chapter 6 The Power of Narrative and Story, discusses how and why story is essential to human life and why this should be a consideration for those in STEM.

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