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Video Games and Interactive Media: A Glimpse at New Digital Entertainment

1st Edition

Stephane Natkin
March 16, 2006

This book explores the development of the video game as a new form of interactive media and a template for future modes of entertainment. While television programs and movies are predominantly passive enterprises, video games engage the audience and provide not only audio-visual stimulation but...

The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque: Under the Hood of the Torque Game Engine

1st Edition

Edward F. Maurina
March 08, 2006

The author takes readers on an in-depth walkthrough of the Torque Game Engine---one of the most popular, powerful, and easy to use game engines available today. With clear explanations of how to use Torque to create your own games and detailed discussions of the engine's inner workings, this book...

Understanding Macromedia Flash 8 ActionScript 2: Basic techniques for creatives

1st Edition

Andrew Rapo, Alex Michael
February 17, 2006

Andrew Rapo and Alex Michael explain all the important programming concepts from a designer's point of view, making them completely accessible to non-programmers. Completely revised and rewritten this second edition will help you develop professional ActionScript 2 applications, and communicate...

Focal Easy Guide to Macromedia Flash 8: For new users and professionals

1st Edition

Birgitta Hosea
January 31, 2006

If you need to get to grips fast with creating interactive graphics and animation in Flash - then look no further! Whether you are a new user or a professional, this highly visual book is all you need to get up and running with the latest powerful upgrade - Macromedia Flash 8. Birgitta Hosea breaks...

The Focal Easy Guide to Combustion 4: For New Users and Professionals

1st Edition

Gary M Davis
November 22, 2005

Software programs are complex, the books that explain them shouldn't be. This thoroughly illustrated, full-color guide explains everything you need to know to get up and running quickly with Combustion. Get a jump-start learning the major features or the software without bogging you down with...

Video-Based Rendering

1st Edition

Marcus A. Magnor
August 08, 2005

Driven by consumer-market applications that enjoy steadily increasing economic importance, graphics hardware and rendering algorithms are a central focus of computer graphics research. Video-based rendering is an approach that aims to overcome the current bottleneck in the time-consuming modeling...

Advanced Game Development with Programmable Graphics Hardware

1st Edition

Alan Watt, Fabio Policarpo
August 01, 2005

Written for game programmers and developers, this book covers GPU techniques and supporting applications that are commonly used in games and similar real-time 3D applications. The authors describe the design of programs and systems that can be used to implement games and other applications whose...

Building Interactive Worlds in 3D: Virtual Sets and Pre-visualization for Games, Film & the Web

1st Edition

Jean-Marc Gauthier
April 20, 2005

In Building Interactive Worlds in 3D readers will find turnkey tutorials that detail all the steps required to build simulations and interactions, utilize virtual cameras, virtual actors (with self-determined behaviors), and real-time physics including gravity, collision, and topography. With the...

Animation Writing and Development: From Script Development to Pitch

1st Edition

Jean Ann Wright
January 24, 2005

The art. The craft. The business. Animation Writing and Development takes students and animation professionals alike through the process of creating original characters, developing a television series, feature, or multimedia project, and writing professional premises, outlines and scripts. It...

C# and Game Programming: A Beginner's Guide

2nd Edition

Salvatore A. Buono
December 22, 2004

The second edition of C# and Game Programming offers the same practical, hands-on approach as the first edition to learning the C# language through classic arcade game applications. Complete source code for games like Battle Bit, Asteroid Miner, and Battle Tennis, included on the CD-ROM,...

Real-Time Collision Detection

1st Edition

Christer Ericson
December 22, 2004

Written by an expert in the game industry, Christer Ericson's new book is a comprehensive guide to the components of efficient real-time collision detection systems. The book provides the tools and know-how needed to implement industrial-strength collision detection for the highly detailed dynamic...

3D Game Engine Architecture: Engineering Real-Time Applications with Wild Magic

1st Edition

David H. Eberly
December 17, 2004

Dave Eberly's 3D Game Engine Design was the first professional guide to the essential concepts and algorithms of real-time 3D engines and quickly became a classic of game development. Dave's new book 3D Game Engine Architecture continues the tradition with a comprehensive look at the software...