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Writing for Video Game Genres: From FPS to RPG

1st Edition

Wendy Despain
February 26, 2009

This book, written and edited by members of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Game Writing Special Interest Group, follows the acclaimed Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing to deliver practical advice from seasoned veterans on the special challenges of writing for...

Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time

1st Edition

Bill Loguidice, Matt Barton
February 18, 2009

Vintage Games explores the most influential videogames of all time, including Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto III, Doom, The Sims and many more. Drawing on interviews as well as the authors' own lifelong experience with videogames, the book discusses each game's development, predecessors,...

Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping

1st Edition

Henrik Wann Jensen
January 05, 2009

Photon mapping, an extension of ray tracing, makes it possible to efficiently simulate global illumination in complex scenes. Photon mapping can simulate caustics (focused light, like shimmering waves at the bottom of a swimming pool), diffuse inter-reflections (e.g., the "bleeding" of colored...

Creating Games: Mechanics, Content, and Technology

1st Edition

Morgan McGuire, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
December 23, 2008

Creating Games offers a comprehensive overview of the technology, content, and mechanics of game design. It emphasizes the broad view of a games team and teaches you enough about your teammates' areas so that you can work effectively with them. The authors have included many worksheets and...

Realistic Ray Tracing

2nd Edition

Peter Shirley, R. Keith Morley
December 19, 2008

Concentrating on the "nuts and bolts" of writing ray tracing programs, this new and revised edition emphasizes practical and implementation issues and takes the reader through all the details needed to write a modern rendering system. Most importantly, the book adds many C++ code segments, and adds...

Essential CG Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max

3rd Edition

Darren Brooker
November 07, 2008

Certified by Autodesk, Darren Brooker's new edition teaches the production techniques behind real-world work. The tutorials take you from the fundamentals of lighting, right through to advanced techniques....

Essentials of Interactive Computer Graphics: Concepts and Implementation

1st Edition

Kelvin Sung, Peter Shirley, Steven Baer
November 06, 2008

This undergraduate-level computer graphics text provides the reader with conceptual and practical insights into how to approach building a majority of the interactive graphics applications they encounter daily. As each topic is introduced, students are guided in developing a software library that...

Game Art Complete: All-in-One: Learn Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop Winning Techniques

1st Edition

Andrew Gahan
October 30, 2008

A compilation of key chapters from the top Focal game art books available today - in the areas of Max, Maya, Photoshop, and ZBrush. The chapters provide the CG Artist with an excellent sampling of essential techniques that every 3D artist needs to create stunning game art.Game artists will be...

Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation

1st Edition

Steve Swink
October 13, 2008

"Game Feel" exposes "feel" as a hidden language in game design that no one has fully articulated yet. The language could be compared to the building blocks of music (time signatures, chord progressions, verse) - no matter the instruments, style or time period - these building blocks come into play...

Directing the Story: Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation

1st Edition

Francis Glebas
October 09, 2008

Francis Glebas, a top Disney storyboard artist, teaches artists a structural approach to clearly and dramatically presenting visual stories. They will learn classic visual storytelling techniques such as conveying meaning with images and directing the viewer's eye. Glebas also teaches how to spot...

Maya for Games: Modeling and Texturing Techniques with Maya and Mudbox

1st Edition

Michael Ingrassia
October 03, 2008

Well-known Maya professional, Michael Ingrassia, takes readers through his unique style of modeling: "Image Based Modeling" where efficient, realistic models can be created very quickly. Ingrassia's techniques allow modelers to create exact replicas of their concept characters or objects. The...

Cinematic Game Secrets for Creative Directors and Producers: Inspired Techniques From Industry Legends

1st Edition

Rich Newman
October 02, 2008

Create effective cinematography for your games with this film-based approach to creating cinematic games. Cinematic Game Secrets gives game producers, directors, and developers insight into how to make their games more cinematic. Game developers will learn how to create compelling video games by:...