Forensics & Criminal Justice

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Introduction to Forensic Engineering

1st Edition

Randall K. Noon
September 03, 1992

Forensic engineering is generally defined as the application of engineering principles and methodology to answer questions of fact that may have legal ramifications. This new book provides an introduction to the science, methodology, and engineering principles involved in the diagnosis of some...

DNA Profiling

1st Edition

Simon Easteal, Neil McLeod, Ken Reed
November 25, 1991


The Use Of Statistics In Forensic Science

1st Edition

C. G. G. Aitken, David A. Stoney
October 31, 1991

Describes ways of assessing forensic science evidence and the means of communicating the assessment to a court of law. The aim of this work is to ensure that the courts consider seriously the probability of the evidence of association....

Demystifying the Law: An Introduction for Professionals

1st Edition

Daniel A. Bronstein
August 27, 1990

Demystifying the Law: An Introduction for Professionals explains unfamiliar legal concepts in interesting contexts, thus helping you to understand and remember them. It illustrates legal principles using simple examples that anyone can understand.No single book can turn you into a lawyer, but this...

Trace Metals and Fluoride in Bones and Teeth

1st Edition

Nicholas D. Priest, Frank Van de Vyver
June 22, 1990

This volume is a comprehensive introduction to the analysis, binding, uptake, metabolism, kinetics, modeling, distribution, occurrence, toxicity and chelation of metals and fluoride in the body, with special reference to mineralized tissues. Both toxic and relatively harmless polyvalent cations and...