Forensics & Criminal Justice

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The Analysis Of Drugs Of Abuse: An Instruction Manual: An Instruction Manual

M D Cole
November 30, 1994

Provides a self-teaching reference text for forensic chemistry laboratories and law enforcement agencies world-wide. The text includes sections on the importance of physical examinations of drugs and their wrappings; and the use of gas and high-performance chromatography....

Forensic Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Jehuda Yinon
November 29, 1994

Forensic Applications of Mass Spectrometry combines the most current developments in applications of mass spectrometry techniques to forensic analyses. The techniques discussed include:capillary-GC/MSthermospray-LC/MStandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS)pyrolysis-GC/MSisotope ratio mass spectrometryThe...

Practical Investigation Techniques

Kevin B. Kinnee
August 16, 1994

Practical Investigation Techniques is useful for new as well as veteran investigators to establish a practical standard for conducting a wide range of diverse criminal investigations. Written by a veteran investigator, the book teaches the proper investigative techniques for such criminal...

Environmental Law and Enforcement

Gregor I. McGregor
April 15, 1994

Amid all the laws and regulations on environmental protection and worker safety, what is the responsible business or landowner to do? What should the responsible consultant advise? Environmental Law and Enforcement provides you with a practical guide that takes the mystery out of environmental law...

Criminal Behavior Systems: A Typology

Marshall R. Clinard, Richard Quinney, John Wildeman
March 01, 1994

An important classic, especially useful for courses in criminal behavior and personality, this text begins with a discussion of the construction of types of crime and then formulates and utilizes a typology of criminal behavior systems....

Engineering Analysis of Vehicular Accidents

Randall K. Noon
February 23, 1994

Accident analysis is not like a classroom problem where the equations are selected and solved, and the matter is considered closed. In this line of forensics, engineering skill must be combined with skillful practice for the successful presentation of evidence to a jury. In this book, the author...

Homicide: A Bibliography, Second Edition

Bal K. Jerath, Rajinder Jerath
January 04, 1993

Homicide represents the result of an exhaustive search of the world literature regarding homicide. More than 7,000 entries have been compiled from references selected from major indexes in libraries from outstanding universities, government agencies, and military posts; science libraries; law...

Disorders of Executive Functions: Civil and Criminal Law Applications

Harold V. Hall, Robert J. Sbordone
January 01, 1993

The demands and expectations of a psychologist or neuropsychologist in a courtroom are different from those in a clinical practice. The challenges to and scrutiny of one's basic credentials, training, expertise, and conclusions can be intimidating. The contributors of Disorders of Executive...

Handbook of Court Administration and Management

December 22, 1992

Blending both the theoretical and applied aspects of contemporary issues in court management, this reference/text offers in-depth coverage of all major topics and developments in judicial systems administration. It is suitable for use in the classroom or for self-study.;Providing the background...

Gas Chromatography In Forensic Science

Ian Tebbett
October 31, 1992

Describes the application of gas chromatography to various aspects of forensic chemistry. Following an introduction to the basic theory of chromatographic separations, the text discusses specific issues, such as drug analysis, fires and explosives, alcohol and toxicology....

Friction Ridge Skin: Comparison and Identification of Fingerprints

James F. Cowger
September 18, 1992

Here is a complete guide to the collection, classification, and comparison of friction skin prints and the determination of identity and nonidentity. It discusses: the cause and significance of variations in prints; the importance of class characteristics in print; the application of probability in...

Tire Imprint Evidence

Peter McDonald
September 17, 1992

Improve your use of tire imprint evidence with the work of an expert. McDonald discusses methods for examining, capturing, and recording imprints, outlines standard procedures for identification, shows how to prepare expert testimony, and provides detailed technical information helpful in...