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Police Corruption in the NYPD: From Knapp to Mollen

1st Edition

Steven V. Gilbert, Barbara A. Gilbert
November 16, 2015

Police Corruption in the NYPD: From Knapp to Mollen explores how the New York Police Department experienced two major investigations within a quarter of a century. It compares the states of corruption within the NYPD during the Knapp and Mollen commissions, examining why corruption continued and...

Corruption, Fraud, Organized Crime, and the Shadow Economy

1st Edition

Maximilian Edelbacher, Peter C. Kratcoski, Bojan Dobovsek
October 15, 2015

Fueled by corruption, fraud, and organized crime, the shadow economy—also known as the informal, black market, illegal, or underground economy—is currently on the rise worldwide. Corruption, Fraud, Organized Crime, and the Shadow Economy addresses shadow economies and the players involved by...

Maritime Security: Protection of Marinas, Ports, Small Watercraft, Yachts, and Ships

1st Edition

Daniel J. Benny, Ph.D
October 09, 2015

In a time when threats against the maritime community have never been greater, Maritime Security: Protection of Marinas, Ports, Small Watercraft, Yachts, and Ships provides a single, comprehensive source of necessary information for understanding and preventing or reducing threats to the maritime...

Collaborative Policing: Police, Academics, Professionals, and Communities Working Together for Education, Training, and Program Implementation

1st Edition

Peter C. Kratcoski, Maximilian Edelbacher
October 05, 2015

"The chapters in this book reveal that police education, training, and practices are now closely tied to collaboration between police, academics, professional practitioners, and community agencies, and such collaboration is described and evaluated."—Dilip K. Das, PhD, Founding President,...

Policing in Israel: Studying Crime Control, Community, and Counterterrorism

1st Edition

Tal Jonathan-Zamir, David Weisburd, Badi Hasisi
October 05, 2015

"It is hoped that, through this series, it will be possible to accelerate the process of building knowledge about policing and help bridge the gap between the two worlds—the world of police research and police practice. This is an invitation to police scholars and practitioners across the world to...

The Re-Evolution of American Street Gangs

1st Edition

Dale L. June, Mohamad Khatibloo, Gregorio Estevane
September 25, 2015

The problem of gangs and gang subculture is a growing threat to the stability of neighborhoods and entire communities. During the past two decades, gang members have increasingly migrated from large urban centers to suburban areas and other countries. This book addresses the intricacies and...

Police Corruption and Police Reforms in Developing Societies

1st Edition

Kempe Ronald Hope Sr.
September 25, 2015

Much of the literature on police corruption and police reforms is dominated by case studies of societies classified as developed. However, under the influence of globalization, developing societies have become a focal point of scholarly interest and examination. Police Corruption and Police Reforms...

Police Suicide: Is Police Culture Killing Our Officers?

1st Edition

Ronald A. Rufo
August 20, 2015

There is no question that more police officers die from suicide than those killed in the line of duty. The suicide and attempted suicide of police officers is a mental health concern that has been neglected for far too long.Police Suicide: Is Police Culture Killing Our Officers? provides realistic...

Virtuous Policing: Bridging America's Gulf Between Police and Populace

1st Edition

David G. Bolgiano, L. Morgan Banks, III, James M. Patterson
August 08, 2015

"It pulls no punches, shuns no controversial topic, and glosses over no issues or problems that beset America’s law enforcement community in our day. For those who may be prone to suspect the motives of these self-confessed lovers of cops and warriors, the title of this book…should be sufficient to...

Counterterrorism: Reassessing the Policy Response

1st Edition

Benoît Gomis
July 17, 2015

Counterterrorism: Reassessing the Policy Response promotes a more nuanced understanding of the effectiveness of current counterterrorism practices and the need for reform. It challenges government, media, and academic accounts that exaggerate terrorist threats, particularly in comparison to other...

Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection

2nd Edition

Thomas L. Norman, CPP/PSP/CSC
July 01, 2015

This new edition of Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection presents updated case studies and introduces existing and new methodologies and technologies for addressing existing and future threats. It covers risk analysis methodologies approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security...

Narco-Cults: Understanding the Use of Afro-Caribbean and Mexican Religious Cultures in the Drug Wars

1st Edition

Tony M. Kail
April 15, 2015

Those who know about how spirituality plays into the world of drug smuggling have likely heard of Santa Muerte, Jesus Malverde, and Santería, but the details of the more obscure African religions and Latin American folk saints and cults often remain a mystery. While the vast majority of these...