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Laboratory Biosecurity Handbook

1st Edition

Reynolds M. Salerno, Jennifer Gaudioso, Benjamin H. Brodsky
June 21, 2007

By achieving a delicate balance between systems and practices, proper laboratory biosecurity reduces the risk of legitimate bioscience facilities becoming sources of pathogens and toxins for malicious use. Effective design and implementation of laboratory biosecurity depends on cooperation among...

National Security Issues in Science, Law, and Technology

1st Edition

Thomas A. Johnson
April 16, 2007

The tragedy of 9/11 placed homeland security and the prevention of further attacks into the central focus of our national consciousness. With so many avenues of terror open to our enemies in terms of mode, medium, and location, effective management and mitigation of threat must be grounded in...

Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator

1st Edition

Warren J. Sonne, BCPI, CLI
January 13, 2006

Aimed at the busy professional who aspires to become certified in the field, Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator is a single source guide that details essential techniques a trained investigator will be called upon to perform during the course of a career. Comprehensive and...

Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide

2nd Edition

Bruce Middleton
January 25, 2005

Many excellent hardware and software products exist to protect our data communications sytems, but security threats dictate that they must be further enhanced. Many laws implemented during the past 15 years have provided law enforcement with more teeth to take a bite out of cyber crime, but there...

Nonproliferation Issues For Weapons of Mass Destruction

1st Edition

Mark A. Prelas, Michael Peck
January 12, 2005

Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction provides an understanding of WMD proliferation risks by bridging complex technical and political issues. The text begins by defining the world conditions that foster proliferation, followed by an analysis of characteristics of various classes...

Investigator's Guide to Steganography

1st Edition

Gregory Kipper
October 27, 2003

Investigators within the law enforcement and cyber forensics communities are generally aware of the concept of steganography, but their levels of expertise vary dramatically depending upon the incidents and cases that they have been exposed to. Now there is a book that balances the playing field in...

Practical Criminal Investigations in Correctional Facilities

1st Edition

William R. Bell
January 18, 2002

AN INSIDE LOOK INTO INVESTIGATING THE MOST VIOLENT SUB-CULTURE IN THE WORLDOnce an offender is behind bars, many people believe that he is no longer a threat to society. However, the felonious activities of confined inmates reach out into society every day. These inmates run lucrative drug...

Confidential Informant: Law Enforcement's Most Valuable Tool

1st Edition

John Madinger
October 22, 1999

He baffled and eluded law enforcement officers for nearly two decades. In the end, however, it wasn't the painstaking forensic analysis of hundreds of pieces of crime scene evidence that led to the capture of the Unabomber-but the lucky tip of an informant. Truth of the matter is, for all their...

Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity

1st Edition

British Medical Association
January 18, 1999

Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity traces the historical development of biological weapons and considers the role of health care professionals, scientists, governments, and international agencies in limiting and managing the effects of new biological weapons. In particular, the strengths and...

The Retailer's Guide to Loss Prevention and Security

1st Edition

Donald J. Horan
November 27, 1996

The Retailer's Guide to Loss Prevention and Security is an introduction to retail security. It covers the basic principles, the various techniques and technologies available, and the retailer's interaction with the police, courts, and the law.Donald J. Horan, President of Loss Control Concepts, Ltd...

A Law Enforcement Sourcebook of Asian Crime and CulturesTactics and Mindsets

1st Edition

Douglas D. Daye
November 13, 1996

Even in multicultural North America, few whites, blacks, or Hispanics have extensive experience or understanding of Asian culture. For experienced police officers, intelligence analysts, correctional officers, and prosecutors, the problems of cultural differences in behavior remain complex and...

Investigating Computer Crime

1st Edition

Franklin Clark, Ken Diliberto
July 11, 1996

Investigating Computer Crime presents practical methods for gathering electronic evidence and dealing with crimes involving computers. Based on material gathered from hundreds of investigators all over the world, it contains an incredible amount of practical, directly applicable information. It...