Forensics & Criminal Justice


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Gas Chromatography In Forensic Science

1st Edition

Ian Tebbett
October 31, 1992

Describes the application of gas chromatography to various aspects of forensic chemistry. Following an introduction to the basic theory of chromatographic separations, the text discusses specific issues, such as drug analysis, fires and explosives, alcohol and toxicology....

Friction Ridge Skin: Comparison and Identification of Fingerprints

1st Edition

James F. Cowger
September 18, 1992

Here is a complete guide to the collection, classification, and comparison of friction skin prints and the determination of identity and nonidentity. It discusses: the cause and significance of variations in prints; the importance of class characteristics in print; the application of probability in...

Tire Imprint Evidence

1st Edition

Peter McDonald
September 17, 1992

Improve your use of tire imprint evidence with the work of an expert. McDonald discusses methods for examining, capturing, and recording imprints, outlines standard procedures for identification, shows how to prepare expert testimony, and provides detailed technical information helpful in...

Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques

1st Edition

Kevin B. Kinnee
September 17, 1992

Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques is an invaluable, one-of-a-kind guide to investigating illegal gambling activities. The book covers the entire sequence of events involved in a gambling investigation from the receipt of a complaint to the preparation for trial. It discusses how to use...

Introduction to Forensic Engineering

1st Edition

Randall K. Noon
September 03, 1992

Forensic engineering is generally defined as the application of engineering principles and methodology to answer questions of fact that may have legal ramifications. This new book provides an introduction to the science, methodology, and engineering principles involved in the diagnosis of some...

DNA Profiling

1st Edition

Simon Easteal, Neil McLeod, Ken Reed
November 25, 1991


The Use Of Statistics In Forensic Science

1st Edition

C. G. G. Aitken, David A. Stoney
October 31, 1991

Describes ways of assessing forensic science evidence and the means of communicating the assessment to a court of law. The aim of this work is to ensure that the courts consider seriously the probability of the evidence of association....

Trace Metals and Fluoride in Bones and Teeth

1st Edition

Nicholas D. Priest, Frank Van de Vyver
June 22, 1990

This volume is a comprehensive introduction to the analysis, binding, uptake, metabolism, kinetics, modeling, distribution, occurrence, toxicity and chelation of metals and fluoride in the body, with special reference to mineralized tissues. Both toxic and relatively harmless polyvalent cations and...