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Training Law Enforcement Officers

1st Edition

Rick D. Giovengo
February 05, 2019

This how-to guide covers every aspect of law enforcement training, from training academy administration, to designing curricula, to identifying and utilizing qualified instructors. Using the latest methodologies, technologies, and best practices, Training Law Enforcement Officers gives law...

Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation, Third Edition

3rd Edition

John J. Lentini
October 22, 2018

Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation, Third Edition focuses on the practical application of fundamental scientific principles to determine the causes of fires. Originally published in 2006, the First Edition was very well received by fire investigators and those who work with them. Since...

Practical Bomb Scene Investigation

3rd Edition

James T. Thurman
July 18, 2017

Now in its Third Edition, Practical Bomb Scene Investigation explores the investigative process that improvised explosive device (IED) specialists undertake at the scene of an explosion. Providing easy-to-understand, step-by-step procedures for managing and processing a bomb scene, it enables...

Principles of Fire Behavior

2nd Edition

James G. Quintiere
August 24, 2016

This text covers the four forms of fire: diffusion flames, smoldering, spontaneous combustion, and premixed flames. Using a quantitative approach, the text introduces the scientific principles of fire behavior, with coverage of heat transfer, ignition, flame spread, fire plumes, and heat flux as a...

Emergency Action for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents

2nd Edition

D. Hank Ellison
February 01, 2016

Emergency Action for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents, Second Edition is intended for the first responder to the scene of the release of a chemical or biological warfare agent. Formatted similarly to the Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guidebook and designed as a companion...

Forensic Cremation Recovery and Analysis

1st Edition

Scott I. Fairgrieve
October 18, 2007

The determination of identity and the evaluation of trauma require special consideration when a body suffers extreme levels of damage sustained in a fire. Beginning with the search and recovery of the cremated remains (cremains) and the interpretation of the fire scene, the challenges and...

Analysis and Interpretation of Fire Scene Evidence

1st Edition

Jose R. Almirall, Kenneth G. Furton
February 11, 2004

Ongoing advances in arson detection tools and techniques increase the importance of scientific evidence in related court proceedings. In order to assemble an airtight case, investigators and forensic scientists need a resource that assists them in properly conducting the chemical analysis and...

Fire Investigation

1st Edition

Niamh Nic Daeid
January 27, 2004

Fire Investigation covers the concepts and theories used to determine a specfic fire has been deliberately or accidentally set. The author clearly explains the concepts needed to gain insight into a fire scene investigation, including the dynamics of the fire, the necessary conditions for a fire to...

Introduction to Mathematical Fire Modeling

2nd Edition

Marc L. Janssens
July 14, 2000

Computer simulation proves to be a valuable tool for the analysis and prediction of compartment fires. With the proper understanding and software, fire safety professionals can use modeling tools and methods to find answers to many critical questions relating to the prevention, investigation, and...

GC-MS Guide to Ignitable Liquids

1st Edition

Reta Newman, Michael W. Gilbert, Kevin Lothridge
September 15, 1997

The rapidly increasing number of different ignitable liquid formulations available today poses a new challenge to fire debris analysts and other forensic chemistry specialists - that of accurately identifying and classifying ignitable liquids with unfamiliar chromatographic patterns. GC-MS Guide to...

Practical Fire and Arson Investigation

2nd Edition

David R. Redsicker, John J. O'Connor
October 10, 1996

Did you know. . .. . . that arson has been described as the fastest-growing crime in America?. . . that arson is the most expensive crime committed?. . . that over 8 billion dollars was estimated lost due to fires in 1994?. . . that an estimated 86,000 structure fires of incendiary or suspicious...

Engineering Analysis of Fires and Explosions

1st Edition

Randall K. Noon
March 17, 1995

Engineering Analysis of Fires and Explosions demonstrates how professional forensic engineers apply basic concepts and principles from engineering and scientific disciplines to analyze fires and explosions. It describes how forensic engineers use a "reverse design" process to determine the original...