Forensics & Criminal Justice

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Color Atlas of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Second Edition DVD


Charles Catanese
February 3, 2016

Featuring twice the number of images as any other forensic pathology atlas, this DVD version demonstrates visually the postmortem changes of the human body and the different kinds of patterns produced in deaths caused by natural causes, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, substance abuse, poisonin...

Utilizing Forensic Technologies for Unidentified Human Remains: Death Investigation Resources, Strategies, and Disconnects


George W. Adams
November 23, 2015

In missing and unidentified investigations, an abyss of dissonance seems to exist between law enforcement and the community they serve that all too often creates grating wounds that may never heal. Utilizing Forensic Technologies for Unidentified Human Remains: Death Investigation Resources, Strateg...

Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging, Second Edition


John C. Russ
January 22, 2016

The ability to work with, and retrieve images, is vital to forensic and criminal case work. During a five-decade-long career, author John C. Russ has taught methods for image processing and measurement to thousands of students. Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging, Second Edition distills his classroom ...

Measurement Uncertainty in Forensic Science: A Practical Guide

Suzanne Bell
December 06, 2016

In the courtroom, critical and life-changing decisions are made based on quantitative forensic science data. There is often a range in which a measured value is expected to fall and, in this, an inherent uncertainty associated with such measurement. Uncertainty in this context is not error. In fact...

Essentials of Polygraph and Polygraph Testing

Nathan J. Gordon
December 01, 2016

Throughout history, there has been an intrinsic need for humans to detect deception in other humans. Developed in 1923, the polygraph machine was a tool designed to do just this. To date, there have been many improvements made to the basic polygraph instrument. This book outlines the...

Global Perspectives on Crime Prevention and Community Resilience

Diana Scharff Peterson, Dilip K. Das
November 30, 2016

This edited volume includes updated articles presented at the International Police Executive Symposium’s 25th annual meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, in July 2014. Practitioners and academics representing nearly 30 countries presented academic papers in a participative dialogue on global crime...

Trends in Policing: Interviews with Police Leaders Across the Globe, Volume Five

Bruce Baker, Dilip K. Das
November 29, 2016

Trends in Policing: Interviews with Police Leaders Across the Globe, Volume 5 is based on the premise that police officials have a wealth of experience that can make significant contributions to our understanding of the prospects and problems of policing today. Each chapter consists of an interview...

Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Video Surveillance Systems, Second Edition

Fredrik Nilsson, Communications Axis
November 21, 2016

Continuing in the tradition of the bestselling first edition, this book examines networked surveillance video solutions. It provides the latest details on industry hardware, software, and networking capabilities of the latest cameras and DVRs. It addresses in full detail updated specifications on...

Child Abuse: Today's Issues

Kimberly A. McCabe, Daniel G. Murphy
November 21, 2016

The purpose of this book is to attempt to explore child abuse from a contemporary perspective in terms of its multiple elements, victims, and criminal justice responses. This text will: (1) begin to address the needs of those studying child abuse from a cultural perspective; (2) provide a general...

Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Fifth Edition

Robert R. Hazelwood, Ann Wolbert Burgess
November 14, 2016

This latest edition addresses rape and sexual assaults from all clinical, pathological, medical, and legal aspects. The book focuses on the victim and covers contemporary issues in sexual violence, investigative aspects of rape and sexual assault, offender fantasy, the personality of the offender,...

Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters

Sedat Mulayim, Miranda Lai
November 14, 2016

This book examines the major theoretical foundations of ethics, before zooming in on definitions of professional practice and applied professional ethics, as distinct from private morals, in general and then focusing on professional ethics for translators and interpreters in police and legal...

Crime and Intelligence Analysis: An Integrated Real-Time Approach

Glenn Grana, James Windell
November 10, 2016

Crime and Intelligence Analysis: An Integrated Real-Time Approach covers everything crime analysts and tactical analysts need to know to be successful. Providing an overview of the criminal justice system as well as the more fundamental areas of crime analysis, the book will enable students and law...

Comparative Bone Identification: Human Subadult to Nonhuman

Diane L. France
November 04, 2016

Building on the success, and maintaining the format, of the best-selling Human and Nonhuman Bone Identification: A Color Atlas (ISBN: 978-1-4200-6286-1), Comparative Bone Identification: Human Subadult to Nonhuman presents new images of human bones representing many states of maturation from...

Change and Reform in Law Enforcement: Old and New Efforts from Across the Globe

Scott W. Phillips, Dilip K. Das
October 26, 2016

This book provides broad exposure to a variety of policing reforms that have not received adequate attention. It includes information and examples from different countries regarding efforts to change aspects of policing that are problematic or involve changes in the way crimes are committed....

Guns and Crime: The Data Don't Lie

Mark Gius
October 25, 2016

This book will examine gun violence and crime in America. The emphasis in this text will be on the inadequacy of the data on firearm ownership. In addition, there will be a discussion of murder and other violent crimes in the United States and the limitations of that data as well. It will be the...