Food & Culinary Science

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Aseptic Processing of Foods

Helmut Reuter
October 06, 1993

Aseptic food processing has become important as a safe and effective method for the preparing and packaging of a variety of foods. This recent book, prepared by a team of European specialists, provides a detailed guide and reference to aseptic food processing technology. All aspects are presented...

Rice Science and Technology

Wayne E Marshall, James I. Wadsworth
September 08, 1993

Focuses on developments in rice storage, quality, processing and utilization, emphasizing their importance to growers, technologists and consumers. This work also provides insight into future advances and examines starch gelatinization in rice during the cooking process....

Mechanisms of Taste Transduction

Sidney A. Simon, Stephen D. Roper
July 23, 1993

Mechanisms of Taste Transduction introduces a number of topics essential to a complete understanding of taste. These topics range from the control of food intake to the biophysical mechanisms of transduction and the design of food flavors in the food industry. The responses and organization of...

Food Safety 1993

July 01, 1993

Covers developments in food safety and foodborne illness, organizing information to provide easy access to many topics, both general and specific. Comprehensive summaries of important advances in food science, compiled from over 550 sources worldwide, are presented....

LIPIDAT A Database of Thermo Data and Association Information on Lipid

Martin Caffrey
June 04, 1993

LIPIDAT is a convenient compilation of thermodynamic data and bibliographic information on lipids. Over 11,000 records in 15 information fields are provided. The book presents tabulations of all known mesomorphic and polymorphic phase transition types, temperatures, and enthalpies for synthetic...

Food Industries

J. Mark, R. Strange, J. Burns
May 01, 1993


CRC Handbook of Mariculture, Volume I: Crustacean Aquaculture, Second Edition

James P. McVey
April 26, 1993

The Second Edition of the CRC Handbook of Mariculture provides an extensive comparison of marine shrimp culture techniques from around the world. This extensively revised and updated Second Edition focuses on growout systems that have contributed to the production success of shrimp farms and...

Marketing Livestock and Meat

William H Lesser
April 12, 1993

This groundbreaking volume presents a comprehensive view of the many concerns of those involved with livestock and meat marketing. During the 1980s, livestock production faced some critical changes. Product and feed prices became less stable, cycles lost their century-old patterns, both competition...

Cereals in Breadmaking: A Molecular Colloidal Approach

February 23, 1993

This reference text describes the breadmaking process at the molecular level, based on surface and colloidal science and introducing colloidal science with a minimum of theory.;Reviewing the current molecular and colloidal knowledge of the chain from wheat grain to bread, the book: discusses the...

Chromatography for the Analysis of Lipids

Eugene W. Hammond
February 09, 1993

Chromatography for the Analysis of Lipids focuses on the three main chromatographic techniques for analyzing lipids: thin layer (TLC), gas liquid (GLC), and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). It also covers supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). Applications for each chromatographic...

Sanitation of the Harvesting, Processing, and Distribution of Shellfish

Center for Food Safe
February 03, 1993

Sanitation of the Harvesting, Processing, and Distribution of Shellfish is a guide for operating, inspecting, and certifying shellfish shippers, processors, and depuration facilities. It is also needed for guidance regarding the controlling of interstate shipments of shellfish. Anyone who...