Food & Culinary Science

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The Chemistry of Cereal Proteins

2nd Edition

Radomir Lasztity
December 05, 1995

In the past decade, since the first edition was published, the study of cereal protein chemistry has grown and changed. New separation techniques have been introduced while the application of achievements of molecular biology and genetic engineering of proteins has progressed dramatically. This new...

Handbook of Indigenous Fermented Foods, Revised and Expanded

2nd Edition

Keith Steinkraus
November 14, 1995

This work offers comprehensive, authoritative coverage of current information on indigenous fermented foods of the world, classifying fermentation according to type. This edition provides both new and expanded data on the antiquity and role of fermented foods in human life, fermentations involving...

Poultry Products Technology: Third Edition

1st Edition

Vivian E Mountney, Carmen Parkhurst
November 03, 1995

Now in its third edition, this classic volume characterizes the science and technology of the poultry industry today, defines the breadth and scope of the overall problems in the industry, and points out areas where more research is needed. With special attention to recent changes in the industry,...

Food Antioxidants: Technological: Toxicological and Health Perspectives

1st Edition

D.L. Madhavi, S.S. Deshpande, D.K. Salunkhe
October 24, 1995

"Offers comprehensive coverage of the latest toxicological, technological, and nutritional developments in both natural and synthetic antioxidants used in the food industry. Explores the sources of antioxidants, antioxidant classification, synergism, degradation in food systems, and techniques for...

Fundamentals of Microanalytical Entomology: A Practical Guide to Detecting and Identifying Filth in Foods

1st Edition

Alan Olsen
October 17, 1995

This text offers insight into the practical applications of microanalytical entomology in the laboratory and in the field of consumer protection. This is the only guide that gives an overview of the subject from initial analysis of a product to interpreting significance of final results. Complete...

Principles of Modified-Atmosphere and Sous Vide Product Packaging

1st Edition

Jeffrey M. Farber, Karen Dodds
October 12, 1995

This is the first in-depth presentation in book form of both modified atmosphere and sous vide food preservation and packaging technologies and applications. The use of these technologies with all applicable food product categories is examined. The authors are specialists in these preservation/...

Handbook of Fruit Science and Technology: Production, Composition, Storage, and Processing

1st Edition

D. K. Salunkhe, S.S. Kadam
August 18, 1995

This work offers comprehensive, current coverage of preharvest and postharvest handling and production of fruits grown in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions throughout the world. It discusses over 60 major and minor crops, and details developments in fruit handling and disease control,...

Safety of Irradiated Foods

2nd Edition

J.F. Diehl
July 11, 1995

This work examines the exaggerations, misunderstandings and muddled terminology that often characterize the controversies regarding the safety of food irradiation. It sets out to untangle the conflicting claims asserted by the proponents and opponents of this modern method of food processing....

Food Process Design and Evaluation

1st Edition

Rakesh K. Singh
May 24, 1995

This new book provides detailed illustrated reports on important recent advances in processing of foods including separation, mixing, preservation, and extrusion. The authors are specialists in food processing from North America and Europe. The reports were originally presented at the Conference of...

Bioseparation Processes in Food

1st Edition

May 16, 1995

Offers in-depth coverage of the latest advances in new and traditional separation technologies as they are used in a variety of ways to produce value-added products. Examines both fundamental and applied aspects of separation techniques....

Quality and Grading of Carcasses of Meat Animals

1st Edition

S. Morgan Jones
May 01, 1995

Three main factors affect the quality and composition of meat in farm animals. Production conditions determine the composition of the meat, while marketing and postmortem periods have a major bearing on the visual appearance and ultimate eating experience for the consumer. It is often difficult to...

Handbook of Toxic Properties of Monomers and Additives

1st Edition

Victor O. Sheftel
April 18, 1995

Covering nearly 800 potential food and water contaminants, this comprehensive handbook is a complete encyclopedia of the toxic effects of plastic ingredients. It is international in scope, covering all available toxicological data that fits existing requirements, including Russian toxicology data...