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Enzymes of Psychrotrophs in Raw Food

Robin C. McKellar
March 31, 1989

This book draws together theoretical and applied aspects of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes in spoilage, and thus provides information and analysis of interest to microbiologists and biochemists, as well as up-to-date methods and recommendations of value to food scientists and processors. The...

Protein Quality and the Effects of Processing

December 19, 1988

Updated monograph from a symposium held at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cereal Chemists in Toronto in Oct. 1986. Focus is on new methods of modifying proteins to improve functionality in foods. Aimed toward students (undergraduate and graduate) and professional food scientists,...

Analysis of Carbohydrates by GLC and MS

Christopher J. Biermann, Gary D. McGinnis
October 31, 1988

This textbook is a comprehensive guide to analysis of carbohy-drates by gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. In addition to explaining the facets of carbohydrate analysis and their relation to each other, the text also contains in-depth reference in-formation useful to practitioners in...

Trace Minerals in Foods

K. Smith
August 24, 1988

Twelve contributions evaluate the chemistry of trace elements in preparations and their potential bioavailability to the consumer; consider palatability, mineral interactions, and other nutritional factors; discuss trace elements' biology and pharmacokinetics to facilitate the development of protoco...

Applied Sensory Analy of Foods

Howard R. Moskowitz
June 30, 1988


Nutrient Interactions

May 19, 1988


Technology and Biochemistry of Wine

Beatrix Farkas
March 08, 1988


Colour Atlas of Food Quality Control

Jane Sutherland, A H Varm
August 31, 1987

This extensively color-illustrated atlas serves as a comprehensive guide not only to persons actively involved in food quality control but also to students and trainees, as well as to nontechnical food in-dustry personnel who wish to enhance their product knowledge. Each chapter is devoted to a...

Food Texture

April 07, 1987

Food Texture is the first book to provide a broad overview of texture measurementfrom both the subjective (consumer) and objective (instrument) points of viewand to highlight the relation between objective measures and sensory perceptions.The book's logical presentation opens with coverage of...

Sensory Evaluation of Food: Statistical Methods and Procedures

Michael O'Mahony
January 10, 1986

Sensory Evaluation of Food: Statistical Methods and Procedure covers all of the basic techniques of sensory testing, from simple discrimination tests to home use placements for consumers. Providing a practical guide to how tests are conducted, the book explores the fundamental psychological and...